All About our FEELINGS!

September 12, 2014

Dear Parents,

We have finished this week with our All about me unit! We had a fun time learning about the different feelings and our five senses! To compliment our unit we had many different activities throughout the week, and we did fun small groups (writing, literacy, math, fine motor skills) We also took advantage of our feelings unit and went over our classroom safe place from our Conscious Discipline program. We focused on how sometimes we can feel sad, angry, frustrated and we talked about things that we can do in school to make us feel better.

As we are working with the Conscious Discipline program, next week you are invited to the Parent Coffee, and you can learn more from the program and learn positive strategies you can implement at home.

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Parent Coffee

Thursday, September 18thfrom 11:00am-12:00pm in the ES Conference Room

The topic for September’s Elementary School Principal Coffee will focus on connection with children and discipline strategies. These are two topics that can sound disconnected, however research has shown that the better connections in our relationships with our children, the easier it is to work on behavior and discipline. Our PK teachers have begun implementing a new program this year called Conscious Discipline. This program uses what is known about how the brain works, along with adult behaviors and reactions to common child behaviors, to empower adults to change their self-discipline in order to better help children do the same. You can learn more about the program online at We will be watching a training video in English during the coffee and then there will be time for discussion afterwards. For those who do not feel comfortable watching the whole video in English, there will be another discussion group in Spanish at the same time.

We hope you will join us!

Books of the Week

Song of the Week

There is no One

(tune: Clementine)

There is no one, there is no one, there is no one just like you
I am different, I am special, I am unique as I can be.

We might both have lots of freckles, we might both have eyes of blue,
but there’s no one who’s just like me, and there is no one just like you!

If you are happy and you know it!

If You're Happy and You Know It!

Little Miss Muffet

We did an activity in our class, where I showed each child individually what I had in my hands. It was a fake/toy bug. Some of us felt scared, some of us laughed and thought it was funny. So we also sang Little Miss Muffet, and noticed she was frightened of the spider! We talked about things we are scared of, and what we can do if we do get scared. They enjoyed this song!
Little Miss Muffet - Nursery Rhyme

Next Week

We will study FAMILIES! We will explore our own families and the people whom we love and who love us. We will also emphasize the importance of each family member and that every child can do things to help out in their families. We will also talk about how we may have some family members that live with us or very close by who we see all the time and those that we may not see as often, but who we still love and care for them.

Vocabulary Words:




If you or any family member (dad, grandparents,siblings, etc) would like to come to our classroom and read us a book next week, let me know what date and time is best for you! :)

Happy Birthday Issa!

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Our week in Pictures!

All About Me Bag Show and Tell!

Anna Sofia

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Maria Corina

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Have a GREAT weekend!