Goverment in Egypt


Our government is helpful (sometimes) mostly in war if they give the right orders to our soldiers. We just got a new pharaoh his name is King Tut ( this is short for King Tutankhamen). What an easier name then his normal name which is so long. He is the youngest king we have had yet. DO YOU KNOW HOW OLD HE WAS WHEN HE RULED AND WHEN HE DIED. He was 10 when he started to rule then he died when he was 19 people don't know how he died they think he was hunting in a chariot and he crashed. A leader was decided by who ever was next to rule in the family of the royal family. In the Government Priest and nobles and of course Pharaohs were in the government. We view Pharaohs as gods because of how important they are to use. Also these 3 pharaohs were important to the success of Egypt Thutmose II because he was very brave by leading his stepmother's army into the battle of Megiddo and then later al Kadesh, also Hatshepsut because she did not create war of any sort and was one and only women who had reigned longer than any other women or was the only female leader in Egypt, and Khufu because he is the one who was famous for building the Great Pyramid of Giza.


We have been trading quite a lot now. we have lost many things our new pharaoh has been using it all up. WHY DO YOU THINK TRADING WAS IMPORTANT TO THEM. We don't even now why he is lets hope he does not see this or oh no for me. but we have been getting quite good things to at the same, like iron and other minerals. It is very important to us trading. If we do not have something and someone else does we trade for it. Trading was crucial because it gave us the things that we needed that we did not have so when we got that one thing or thing it would start to make us successful. The recourses that we needed to trade for was wood, iron etc. When we would trade we would have to trade back what we would usually trade beads, weapons, etc.