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All our shorts in a bunch about Ipad, Learn Pad, LaunchPad, LilliPad... Amplify Tablet

The debate is still hot, there are many issues- we think teacher control and app updating made easy are the best ways to guide our tablet choice. More to come and please explore iPad use, Learn Pad use and other tablets to help us make a district decision! Also check out this for some further iPad ideas. The new Amplify Tablet by the newspaper baron Rupert Murdoch! Listen to NPR's take...

Guaranteed to get your head spinning...

Filtering the tidal wave of applications, modules, machines, ideas and recommendations

So basically, like everything lately with tech it is an overwhelming experience. Even those of us who seem somewhat tech savvy are having issues filtering what works, what doesn't, and knowing that every changes weekly or new things are developed daily! With this said, it is also often frustrating to have internet then not, some days some hours some minutes and then it fades or you are traveling to various random parts of the building to access this.

Well all of this is exactly what most districts, admins and teachers are feeling across the we are not alone. The federal government says to accomplish all of this new CCSS with tech but hasn't offered up nearly enough resources to help us reach those goals.

The most important concept we took away is that we can not solely depend on technology to solve our issues. We MUST always have a back up plan and use tech as merely a compliment to our students' learning.

Broken Escalator

Tech Ed in the Common Core ...

Making sure your tech ed is aligned to Smarter Balanced and CCSS. Using OER's is one way to accomplish this. Of course WA, OR and WI have great resources... MT as to date hasn't offered up nearly the same quality info but much of what these states are doing can be used in MT since nearly all of this is the same. Another great place to find resources that are working for other teachers across the nation is Curriki! or Creative Commons.

Some platforms, apps, modules we liked!


Only try 1-2 a week and they must be tested by you and maybe even your class this year to see if they will work next year (if they are still around then).