Stand Out 'Stones!



Ahhh, July. Hoopla...le sigh. Joie de Vivre. An event that will go DOWN in HISTORY for accomplishments for the Sparklettes Team (that you are all a part of!). There was sooooo much to celebrate! It was pretty much the year of Sandy Sloan - your "grandma, great-grandma, great great-grandma" - and it was all so rightfully earned. :) Seeing our company acknowledge and celebrate her for all that she has done for our team and for Stella & Dot was such a pleasure. From Star Director Team recognition on stage to her winning the most prestigious award that can be given to a stylist - the Spirit of Leadership Award - it was very clear that she was and IS a very BIG DEAL! There are 12,000 active stylists in the company and we are the fortunate ones to be able to say, SHE is our leader! (Be sure to ask her for her autograph the next time you see her! ;)

8 Sparklettes (2 of which are Blackstones!) earned the trip to Puerto Vallarta and got to strut across the runway for earning the trip, Marla attended the swanky Star Stylist Red Shoe Affair Luncheon, and we all got to celebrate the Sparklettes Star Director Team promotion at a fab champagne and sweets soiree in a celebrity suite! One might say, "I don't know how we will top this year!" but this is just the beginning for us. We learned that we have only styled 10% of our demographic and our collections and our business opportunity just keep getting better and better. It's only up from here, babies. Let's throw down on the second half of this year and then we can all celebrate BIG again at Hoopla in Orlando, Florida next year! MARK YOU CALENDARS NOW for July 17-19. No excuses. BE THERE.

Great memories from Hoopla 2013!

Next Up!

We have so many new and exciting things to shoot for in Quarter 3! Many of you are already gunning for those fab Rock the Summer Challenge pieces. I am coveting everything that's being offered and I love that they are exclusive to stylists and hostesses only! SO special. Also, I JUST sent out our very first Blackstones Fall Team Incentive for an overnight in the wine country! I want you ALL to be there at our Sparkle "Inn" Sonoma Getaway!!! Take a peek at the Rock the Summer Challenge qualifications (ends August 31) in the stylist lounge and our Blackstones Team Incentive (Aug 1 - Oct 31) on the flyer that was emailed to you today.

Don't be afraid. Actually, I take that back! BE AFRAID because remember, if your goals don't scare you, they aren't big enough! You CAN do this and NOW is the time to get out of your own way and show the world what you've got! Decide what you want to earn for both incentives and let's break it all down to make it happen. Best advice that I can give you for earning any incentive? Front loading is key so that you don't have to scramble in the end. Want to earn the overnight in Sonoma? Book your shows and start having those sponsoring conversations now! Call/FB messsage/email me for a 20 min weekly coaching call if we don't already have a day/time slot together and we will make your goals a reality!

CONGRATS to these fab women on already earning the Neeya Earrings from the Rock the Summer Challenge!
Wendy Harvey
Cati Young
Nicole Boone

WENDY HARVEY! You are leading the Blackstones Team in Retail Sales for the RTSC!!! $2,077 under your belt since July 22?!? You are INCREDIBLE!

Looking forward to an AWESOME AUGUST with you all!



Info pulled from July reports from my Generations 1-3.

Sold $500 in retail = QUALIFIED for the month (earned 5% of their PCV in Free Business Supply Credits & will earn the quarterly Consistency Bonus of $100 in FPC for selling $500 in July, August, & September)

Sold $2308+ in retail (1500PCV) = Earned 30% commission instead of 25% (5% end of month volume rebate)

Sold $5000+ in retail = STELLAR SELLER BONUS (Earned $100 in FPC at the end of the month)

1. Cati Young $2,687
2. Wendy Harvey $2,457
3. Jenn Indra $2,377
4. Marla Johnson $1,484
5. Nicole Boone $1,418
6. Brandy Perez $1,345
7. Shanna Bustichi Peuse $1,150
8. Andrea Verdon $635
9. Karen Schmelzer $582
10. Patty Hidalgo $510
11. Laura Karnowski $509
12. Lisa Salles $505