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Sargent Secondary Newsletter September 2022

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Homecoming Events:

Monday - PowderPuff Football (girls participate, boys coach for each class)

Tuesday - PowderPuff Volleyball (boys participate, girls coach for each class)

Wednesday - Community Dinner (hosted by Junior Class), Bonfire and Bonfire Dance (Outside)

Thursday - Spirit Day - Pep Assembly and Volleyball Game @ 5:00pm

Friday - Football Game @7:00pm - Coronation to follow

Saturday - Homecoming Dance 8pm- 10pm, HS Students ONLY

***Powder Puff games will go as follows:

  • Seniors vs Freshman

  • Juniors vs Sophomores

  • Winners vs winners

  • Losers vs losers

** Powder Puff Football halves - 10 minutes running each half (two halves per game)


Monday - Red, White and Blue Day

Tuesday - Soccer mom or BBQ Dad

Wednesday - Adam Sandler Day

Thursday - Black and Gold Day

School Picture Day is Coming

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School pictures will be held on Wednesday, September 21, 2022 in the high school gym from 9am - 3:30pm.

To order before picture day, go to mylifetouch.com with your student's school ID or Picture Day ID: EVTBK298B.


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We are seeing an influx of students coming to school with energy drinks. Some students have one; others are coming to school with more than 3 that they are drinking throughout the day.

Some notices that we are encountering are:

  1. Hyperactivity

  2. Lack of focus

  3. Irritability

Just to name a few.

Mr. Flynn, JH Health teacher, will be discussing this topic with our students in the weeks to come.

We ask that students only bring healthy drinks that they can drink during the school day.

If you want more information on energy drinks and their effects on kids, please click on the links provided or google energy drinks on kids.





Thank you for your support,

Kristin Lane - Sargent School Nurse

Shelley David - Sargent Secondary Principal

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Early Release Day

We will have an early release day on September 28, 2022 starting at 1pm. Buses will run at that time, as well.

Teachers will have in-service training from 1-4pm on this same day.

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2022-2023 Junior High and High School Sports Schedules


August 26 - at home with South Park at 7pm

September 2 - in Springfield at 6pm

September 9 - in Hoehne at 7pm

September 16 - at home with Custer County at 7p *HOMECOMING*

September 23 - Bye week

September 30 - in Mancos at 6pm

October 7 - at home with Dolores at 6pm

October 14 - in Sanford at 7pm

October 21 - at home with Hayden at 7pm

October 28 - at home with Dove Creek at 6pm

(*Subject to change without notice)


August 23 - at home with Crested Butte JV/V at 5pm

August 27 - in Del Norte Varsity only at 9am (TRI with Sangre and La Veta)

September 3 - in Gunnison Tournament at 9am Varsity only 9am

September 8 - in Center JV/V at 5pm

September 15 - at home with Custer County JV/V at 5pm

September 22 - in Sangre JV/V at 5pm

September 24 - in Antonito JV/V at 9am (JV - Creede / V - Antonito)

September 27 - at home with Del Norte JV/V at 5pm

September 29 - at home with South Park JV/V at 5pm

October 1 - in Sierra Grande Varsity only at 9am

October 8 - in Cotopaxi JV/V at 1pm

October 13 - in Monte Vista JV/V at 5pm

October 20 - at home with Buena Vista JV/V at 5pm

October 22 - in Trinidad JV/V at 1pm

October 25 - in Hoehne JV/V at 4:30

October 27 - in Ignacio JV/V at 5pm

(*Subject to change without notice)


August 26 - Rocky Ford Invitational at 9am

September 10 - in Alamosa (Joe Vigil Invitational) at 8am

September 16 - in Antonito (Gerald Archuleta Invitational) at 6:15pm

September 24 - in Pagosa Springs (McGinn Invitational) at 9am

September 27 - in Canon City (Canon City Invitational) at 3pm

October 1 - in Alamosa (Zaragoza Invite) at 8am

October 7 - in Durango (Durango Classic) at 2pm

October 14 - at MV Golf Course (Sargent/Eric Wolff) at 9am

(*Subject to change without notice)


August 24 - in Pagosa at 11am

August 26 - at Hollydot at 9am

September 1 - in Cortez at 9am

September 8 - in Salida at 9am

September 9 - in Monte Vista at 9am

September 12 - in Pueblo West at 9am

September 20 - in Cortez TBA

October 3 - State Tournament

October 4 - State Tournament

(*Subject to change without notice)


September 8 - in Sanford at 4:30pm

September 13 - at home with Monte Vista at 4:30pm

September 15 - at home with Alamosa at 4:30pm

September 20 - at home with Centauri at 4:30pm

September 22 - in Center at 4:30pm

September 27 - at home with Sanford at 4:30pm

September 29 - in Monte Vista at 4:30pm

October 4 - in Alamosa at 4:30pm

(*Subject to change without notice)


September 8 - at home with Sanford at 4:30pm

September 15 - in Custer County at 4:30pm

September 20 - at home with Custer County at 4:30pm

September 22 in Sanford at 4:30pm

October 4 - at home with South Park at 4:30pm

(*Subject to change without notice)


If there is a positive test, it is recommended to isolate for 5 days. Depending on symptoms, return could take place on day 6. The fever rule is still in place for all illnesses. Fever free for 24 hours without medication.

Household members do not need to isolate if there is a positive in the house. Only the positive person should stay home. Family members should monitor symptoms with an exposure. There is no more quarantining or contact tracing.

If you have questions, please call Sargent Nurse, Kristin Lane at 852-4025 ext. 0109.

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ATHLETICS: Football, Volleyball, Cross country, Basketball, Wrestling, Track, Baseball

ACADEMICS: JH Knowledge Bowl, JH National Honor Society, Science Fair, History Fair, Spelling Bee, Art Club, Student Council, Leadership Team

SOCIAL: Dances, Lock-ins, Caroling, Ski Days, Field Trips, Game Nights


ATHLETICS: Football, Volleyball, Cross Country, Basketball, Wrestling, Track, Baseball, Trapshooting, Swimming, Cheer/Dance Team

ACADEMICS: Student Council, Leader in Me/Leadership Team, FBLA, FFA, Spanish Club, Aviation Club, Art Club, Science Fair, History Fair, Drum line (Mrs. Hefner) and Guitar lessons (Mr. Paulson), community service projects

SOCIAL: Dances: Prom/Homecoming/Sadie Hawkins, Field Trips, Rowdy Crowd - Fan section at sporting events

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DAC - District Accountability Committee:

Come one, come all! The District Accountability Committee of the Sargent School District meets throughout the school year to complete wide range of school board directives. Reports are provided by the superintendent and both principals from the elementary and the secondary to keep parents and community members up-to-date concerning the school district.

Meetings are currently held every other month in a restaurant setting and generally last less than an hour and a half. Opportunities abound to share and receive input on items that matter most to you.

For more information contact Theresa Kaiser-Griffin at 719-852-0825.

Booster Club:

We are an organization that supports all the athletes and sports at Sargent High School.

We meet when needed. If you would like to join please contact:

Michelle Burkhart at 719.588.1594 or mburkhart@sargent.k12.co.us

Nicole Rockey at 719.588.4732 or nrockey@sargent.k12.co.us

ABC - Academic Booster Club:

The Sargent Academic Booster Club is an organization that works to encourage, support and recognize the academic achievements, successes, and competitions of the Sargent secondary students as well as providing recognition and support of their amazing teachers.

We recognize students who achieve the Honor Roll each semester, we sponsor the Student of the Month program, organize send-offs for students who earn their way to state competitions in Science Fair, History Day, FBLA, FFA and Knowledge Bowl. We also host the Teacher Appreciation Lunch in May, provide meals for the teachers during Parent/Teacher Conferences throughout the year, and give teachers and staff appreciation gifts at various times throughout the year. We also will support funding any academic items, if requested and funds are available.

As you can tell, we do our best to give our hard-working students and staff the recognition and support they deserve. However, this isn’t done with the wave of a magic wand or the saying of some magical phrase. It’s accomplished with monetary support, dedication, organization, and help from parents and staff.

The Academic Booster Club meets quarterly or more often, if needed. We generally keep our meetings to an hour or less. We need parents who are willing to serve on the committee to assist in making decisions, planning, helping out when needed and/or monetary support. We would like as many parents, teachers, and staff to participate to hopefully have 7th-12th grades represented. Please consider becoming an active part of the Academic Booster Club (ABC). You can help make a positive impact on Sargent JH/HS and our students and staff!

If you have any questions, please contact Shon Davis at 719-580-5229 or Tonya Wenta at 850-1960. Thank you for your continued support!

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2021-2022 Yearbooks are FOR SALE!

2021-2022 Yearbooks are in. IF you did not get to purchase one, now is the time. There is a limited number remaining.

First come, first serve.

Contact the school office at 719-852-4025.

Sargent Cafeteria News and Menu

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If you have any questions on lunches/rates contact Val Bonsall at veichner@sargent.k12.co.us or at 852-8863, Monday - Thursday from 6am - 2pm.

Thank you!

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Driver's Education Classes

Subject: Fall is the Perfect Time for Your Teen to do Drivers Ed!

Good Day,

Your choice of driver’s education is an important milestone in your student’s life. Fall is an excellent time for students 14 ½ and older to start taking classes for a Colorado permit. When you choose the online program, hosted through Sargent High School, you can help your student become a safe driver for life and support your school at the same time!

To help you with the process required of Colorado teens, here is a review of the requirements. You can go to dmv.colorado.gov to find out this information and more.

· Teens under the age of 15 ½ can begin their driver’s education at 14 ½. They are required to get 30 hours of coursework (in class or online), pass the permit written exam, obtain the permit at age 15 or over. They must hold the permit for one year from date of issue to be eligible to take the driver’s license behind the wheel test. During that year they are required to get 6 hours of professional behind the wheel driving lessons and log 50 hours (10 at night) with parent or guardian.

· Teens age 15 ½ to 16 are required to complete the Driver Awareness Course, pass the permit test, hold the permit for one year from date of issue and during the year log 50 hours (10 of them at night) with parent or guardian. This is a four-hour course that prepares the student for the permit test.

· Teens 16 to 18 years of age are required to take and pass the written permit test, get the permit issued and hold it one year or turn 18, whichever comes first. During the year they hold the permit, they must log 50 hours of driving practice (10 at night) with parent or guardian.

Why go through us?

  • Our online program increases the confidence and knowledge of your student in a variety of driving situations.
  • The program is designed to be equivalent to an in-person classroom experience. Your student will learn all the content of the classroom from the convenience of your own home.
  • Interactive games and videos make the learning experience fun and engaging.
  • Your student can access the online program anytime, anywhere! It works on all devices. All you need is a working Internet connection.
  • We provide an online technical support number answered seven days a week.
  • Everything is self-paced. When life gets busy, your student can pick up the course at any time.
  • After you enroll in our online program, we receive a donation to help fund school programs.
  • To enroll: https://sargenths.bedrivingus.com/enroll
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Sunflower Bank ABC Program

A: We pay for A’s.

All students are encouraged to enter their most current report card into the “Pay for A’s” contest at their local Sunflower Bank. On a date to be determined, each local Sunflower Bank will randomly draw five winners, and winning students earn $10 for each “A”. Additionally, Sunflower Bank matches these totals with a corresponding donation to the student’s school.

B: Bucks for our schools.

Customers that use their debit card can designate a participating school to receive a five cent donation each time that they swipe and sign for a transaction! Custom debit cards with your school name are also available.

C: Cash for your school.

Don’t have a Sunflower Bank debit card yet? Well, this is the perfect time to get one! New customers to Sunflower Bank can earn up to $100 when opening a new account, with a matching payment made to your school.

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2022-2023 Sargent School Policy Handbook


Standard Response Protocols for Safety - Information for Parents/Guardians

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The Standard Response Protocol (SRP) is a uniform, planned, and practiced response to any incident. This is the foundation of a safe school, business and community. The SRP is action-based, flexible and easy to learn. It rationally organizes tactics for response to weather events, fires, accidents, intruders and other threats to personal safety. Lockdown, Evacuate, and Shelter.

Sargent School District implements the the “I Love U Guys” Foundation’s Standard Response Protocol (SRP). Students and staff will be training, practicing, and drilling these protocols.

Download the handout below for more information.