Module 4: Sensation and Perception

LOTS of good review and study items

Things you need to know

This unit is a problem area for my students every year. It is 8-10 percent of the test BUT many times it is used for the FRQ essays as well. This unit has a LOT of theory, vocab, and biological processes in it. It can be overwhelming when it all comes together. I am putting together a nice neat place to access review and study items. Refer to this newsletter when you begin the module.

Notes for you to use and study

I looked through a zillion websites and thought these two sources would be great for you to study. Pick one that you like and make sure you have your S & P information organized. Trust me when I say that this unit is tough and can confuse easily.

As you review...

quizlet (or some other self testing site) is a great way to check your understanding. I like quizlet but look over the terms before to make sure that the person who wrote it is a strong student.
Sensation & Perception - Crash Course Psychology #5
What color is Tuesday? Exploring synesthesia - Richard E. Cytowic
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