Related Arts News Letter for Spring

Sylvan Park Paideia Design Center

Dear Parents,

We have quickly arrived to the fourth nine weeks! The Related Arts Team has much in store for our students. Please read the information regarding this nine weeks. Thank you,

Your Related Arts Team


News from art! Metro has repaired the art room kiln so we will be able to do clay this nine weeks. The mayor's art show will be at the Frist Center from April 10th -24th. The opening reception will be on Saturday, April 12th from 2-4 p.m. Drew Morrison and Hudson Mills from kindergarten, Ben Zaher and Meredith Williams from first grade, Alison Lipschutz and Lucy Friddell from second grade, Oliver Ticaric and Oliver Wingate from third grade, and Julia Sussman and Eleanor Bryant from fourth grade all have an art work in the show this year. Thanks for everyone’s help this year! Blessings Mr. Green


As we approach the end of the school year we will continue to explore the many different aspects of music. Each grade level will experience music from various cultures and historical periods. In Kindergarten we will create compositions based on a variety of sounds, practice reading iconic notation of rhythm and pitch, and improvise movements to a poem or song. First grade will practice reading and performing iconic notation for simple melodies, identify same and different sections in musical selections, discuss musical performances using grade level appropriate vocabulary, and label different tempos and dynamics using correct terminology. In second grade we will perform songs and play singing games from various cultures and historical periods, perform both rhythmic and melodic ostinatos to accompany a piece of music, notate rhythm patterns using traditional notation, and improvise movements to show musical form. Third grade will begin experiencing harmony by singing partner songs, improvise rhythmic and melodic patterns, identify dynamic and tempo changes, and evaluate performances using grade appropriate music vocabulary. Fourth grade will develop their own criteria to evaluate musical performances, demonstrate an understanding of the treble clef by reading and singing pitches using solfege syllables, as well as look into the relationship music shares with literature, math, and social studies. I look forward to a wonderful end to the school year!

Physical Education

This nine weeks our focus will me fitness through triathlon skills, first tee golf, and field day events. Last week, Coach Tiffany and Coach Jennifer from Athletic Endurance Race Organization came to speak to all classes about the upcoming kids triathlon on June 14th, 2014 in Nashville's Centennial Park. Field day is set for May 9th and we welcome all parents to attend. As always, safety of all of our students is most important to us. Please remind your children the necessity of following the physical education rules consistently. The rules are as follows:

1. Be safe. (Stop- Look and listen on whistle signal).

2. Be able to cooperate with others.

3. Be respectful to others and equipment.

4. Work hard.

5. Have fun.

Thank you for your support at home.

Coach Goad & Coach Scott


This nine weeks, we will continue to focus on numbers, calendar, and asking and answering high frequency questions. We have, however, saved the best for last. Our central vocabulary and culture focus will be on foods, foods that we encounter in our daily lives and those that are found in Spain and Latin America. As you make your weekly trips to the grocery store, take time to stroll down the international aisle to check out the different foods from Latin America. We will also learn words for spring and summer clothing and activities during these seasons. As our thoughts turn to the joys of warmer weather, we will travel to the Spanish-speaking islands as part of our culture component. Finally, our fourth grade Latin Fair is Thursday, May 15th during the day from 9:00-12:00. We hope to see you there!

Sra. Poole