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Questions about scheduling, the college process, scholarships, work permits, transcripts, or life in general? Do you need to speak with someone regarding an issue that is bothering you, do you need a place to discuss what is going on in your life or to figure out how you are feeling? Please feel free to contact us or stop by the office. The Student Services Office is here to help! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Class of 2023: Myah Grant, Rylee Hager, Emery King, Paige King, Christopher Royter, Savannah Simmons, Percy Snow, Clare Wasileski

Class of 2024: Will VanVleet

Class of 2025: Elias Crowell, Adrian Grant, Palmer King, Chayim Mojallali, Jadelyn Wheeler, Mayzie Whitaker

Class of 2026: Emma Canaday, Lily Delacruz, Alex Niquette

Class of 2027: Samuel Barrows, Tanner Biagini, Valerie Bzomowski, Landon Clark, Hannah Humphrey, Virginia Krezmien, Natalie Lanoue, Katherine Osterman, Morgan Raffa, Alania Shearer

Class of 2028: Colten Bailey, Cole Bassett, Mason Bassett, Leo Boltz, Sophia Bourdon, Emily Churchill, Naomi DenOuden, Brady Gancarz, Siddha Hoffenberg, Claire Johnston, Rex Kuoppala, Aymeric Loucka, Peter Macmillian, Blake Nevins, Joseph Norwood, Madison Pettengill, Nathaniel Ragan, Alvin Richardson, Jalila Smith, Makenzie Sonntag, Grace Stevens, Jeanna Taylor, Brandon Thomasson, Shiya Weigand, Jessica Wilton

HONORS (ALL As and Bs)

Class of 2023: Oliver Flynn, Jessica Gokey, Ariana Gougeon, Seth Healy, Gracie Hicks, Aileen Moffatt, Hannah Plesnar

Class of 2024: Mohamed Abdelgawad, Madeline Cosentino, Grace Davenport, Weston DenOuden, Riley Giard, Sophia Goodnow, Robert Gage Patenaude, Julia Pease, Rachel Pease, Gabrielle Ryder, Sebastian Seward, Emily Sisum, Eliandra Snape, Kaylin Sumner

Class of 2025: Carolynn Aubrey, Alexia Bowers, Emmett Johnson, Avery Johnston, Logan Pelletier, Isabelle Pettengill, Bianca Robinson, Kristen Sevoian, Jasmine Smith, Emma Thrower

Class of 2026: Mason Armstrong, Zachary Canaday, Hazel Foucault, Jessie James, Addison Loomis, Kylah Perras-Howard, Anya Read, Emerson Spence, Kate Walker

Class of 2027: Joey Calhoun, Seamus Collins, Camden Cousineau, Eli Herrera, Conner Herzig, Truman Long, Dillon Millar, SadieMae Mizula, Luke Read, Cameron Smith, Hannah Unaitis, Taylor Underwood

Class of 2028: Ben Bah, Lucas Bailey, Carsyn Bauer, Paytan Blanchard, Brayden Brisson, Logan Brisson, Madeline Finn, Paul Giard, Jordyn Gilmore, Ayron Hemingway, Zephyr Jetzon, Logan Kingsley, Brooke Koshinsky, Sage Lamboy, Abigail Moffett, Adam Phillips, Dustin Reade, Carson Richardson, Landon Smead, Nicholas Spencer, Jayda Waters

Important Dates

Quarter 4

First Day: Thursday, April 6

Last Day: Wednesday, June 22

Progress Reports planned for May 19

Report Cards planned for June 23

Finals Schedule

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, June 20, 21, and 22

2-hour delay 20 & 21 ½ day: 11:30 dismissal on 22

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Career information, exploration, and opportunities.


click on the link to find out about this growing career field.

This year students will be exposed to career speakers in their Academic and elective classes. These speakers will highlight careers that connect to that specific academic area or topic they are learning about in class. This allows students to connect the classroom to the real world.

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Click here for a job opening at The First Congregational Church of Ashfield (UCC)! Email for questions!


Need front, back, and side lawns mowed at Shelburne Falls residence (Buckland side) every 7-14 days (frequency dependent on summer weather growth). Lawns are mainly sloped and uneven. Will pay up to $20 per hour. Please call 413-625-9036 and leave a message with your phone number.

Sign up at or call 413-628-4470


You must get a Work Permit at the School District where you live.

At Mohawk Trail Regional School, obtaining a Work Permit is a 2 step process:

  1. You must have a job offer from an employer

  2. After you have a job offer, download a Work Permit Application or stop by the Student Services office at MTRS



The Employment Permit Application form (Promise of Employment form) can be downloaded Here or Picked up in the Student Services Office.

14 and 15-year-olds: There are 4 sections that MUST be filled out and signed on the Employment Permit Application before the Work Permit can be issued.

  1. The first section is completed and signed by the employer

  2. The second section is to be completed and signed by the Doctor’s office or Medical office where the minor had a physical within the last year. We can not accept a copy of a physical; this has to be signed by a physician according to State Law.

  3. The third section is filled out and signed by the parent or legal guardian of the minor

  4. The fourth section is signed and dated by the minor

16 and 17-year-olds: There are 3 sections that must be filled out and signed on the Employment Permit Application before the Work Permit can be issued.

  1. The first section is completed and signed by the employer

  2. The third section is filled out and signed by the parent or legal guardian of the minor

  3. The fourth section is signed and dated by the minor


*The Minor (student) must bring the completed Employment Permit Application form, their student ID, and a document that shows their birth date on it to the High School (MTRS Student Services) where the Work Permit will be filled out by the Authorized agent (MTRS Registrar/Shana Garcia). Documents MUST be originals; fax or copies will not be accepted. THE AUTHORIZED AGENT, MUST BY LAW, WITNESS THE MINOR SIGNING THE WORK PERMIT BEFORE IT CAN BE ISSUED.

The Sharing & Caring Room is Now Open

Mission Statement: Mohawk Trail Regional High School Key Club students, strongly believe that every student should have access to the basic needs of life. Therefore, any student who is struggling financially is welcome to the Key Club “Sharing is Caring” room to shop for free. Along with clothing items, the room is stocked with hygiene supplies too.

Hours of Operation: We are open 4 days a week during advisory. We ask that you keep the room safe and clean as you found it.

Location of room: Middle School Wing-room 178

Seventh-Grade Hours of Operation Monday: 7:45-8:10

Eighth-Grade Hours of Operation Monday: 7:45-8: 10

Ninth-Grade Hours of Operation Tuesday: 7:45-8:10

Tenth-Grade Hours of Operation Thursday: 7:45-8:10

Eleventh-Grade Hours of Operation Friday: 7:45-8:10

Twelfth-Grade Hours of Operation Friday: 7:45-8:10

MCAS Testing

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this email in detail as it contains a lot of information in relation to the upcoming MCAS tests.

We are about to start the journey towards MCAS testing for 2023 and students will soon be introduced/ reminded of the process for our computer-based (CBT)for this year.

MCAS tests are required by state and federal law and are an important tool to promote student success and educational equity.

High school students in the class of 2025 (10th graders) must take and pass the MCAS tests in English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics to earn a high school diploma, in addition to meeting local requirements. Students in the class of 2026 (9th graders) will take tests in ELA and mathematics next year, and they are also required to take and pass a test in science and technology/engineering (they will take or have already taken the science test this year). Students will have opportunities to retest if they do not pass.

The high school MCAS tests also provide the opportunity for students to qualify for several state awards. These include the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship and the Stanley Z. Koplik Certificate of Mastery.

In addition, MCAS test results will:

  • give information about areas of learning that have been most impacted by the pandemic,

  • provide important data on which students, schools, and districts have been most affected by pandemic-related changes in schooling, and

  • improve understanding of your child’s knowledge and skills in relation to the state’s learning standards, so that we can provide the best system of support and instruction in future years.

Schedule & Parent Information

Please be aware of the schedule. It can be found here

For parents/guardians who are interested in learning more about the tests themselves, DESE has put together a number of useful resources, here. Student expectations during testing are explained, here.

Grade Level and Tests

Grade 10 - ELA and MATH - Computer-Based Testing (CBT)

Grade 8 - ELA, MATH & Science CBT

Grade 7 - ELA & MATH CBT

Staff will be reviewing expectations and supporting students with the testing process in preparation for the respective tests later in the term. This includes familiarity with the testing technology as well as looking at past papers.

Day of the test

Please make sure that students have slept well and eaten breakfast prior to coming to school. There will be a snack available for students who have not been able to have breakfast before traveling to school.


Students will not be using their own devices for testing. On the morning of the test, they should sign out a device from Kathy in the front office. These are devices that have been set up with testing technology. After completing testing, students will return the device they used to the front office.

After Testing

The vast majority of tests are scheduled from 8 - 10 am. This is followed by a lunch break. Students are expected to remain in school for the remainder of the day. It is important that students are able to take advantage of what little time remains in person for the rest of the year. Staff will adjust lessons to account for students taking a test earlier in the day.

Please email or call your student’s counselor if you have any questions or concerns.

One-on-one virtual appointment with MEFA College Planning Team

MEFA (Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority) offers one-on-one virtual appointments to help families with guidance on financial aid offers and making college decisions. We’re meeting with families one on one virtually to answer questions and provide assistance on financial aid and paying for college. Families can complete our quick form to request an appointment. MEFA has valuable resources and tools to help you prepare for the future and navigate the college planning process.

Contact the Student Services Office

Jane Shaney

Interim School Counselor Grades 9-12th

Taffy Ruggeri

School Counselor Grades 7 & 8th

Shana Garcia

Registrar and Student Services Assistant

413-625-9811 ext. 1305