Exhibit's of life

Tai Lopez, Open Brain Coral and Bird Of Saxony

The Bird Of Saxony King-Of-Paradise

Movement: The Bird Of Saxony flies from branch to in the Montane Forest in New Guinea in search of berries fruits and arthropods. The Bird Of Saxony tends also too fly to a tree high up as a perch and sing it's song marking it's territory.

Energy: Within the berries and fruit they eat it's easily enough to sustain them on top of the already good amount of insects for the bird to eat.

Reproduction: Birds lay eggs from a Cloaca then the the egg will be fertilized for in X amount of time until the egg has developed into a chick at that point it hatches.

Growth: Now that the Egg has developed into a chick it learns to breathe with oxygen and is shown the ways of life by it's care taker.

Cell's: The Bird is a multi celled organism allowing it to take shape and create the forms and species of birds we know today.

Open Brain Coral

Movement: Open Brain Coral despite the name are usually closed and only open at night releasing their stinging tentacles to catch unsuspecting plankton.

Energy: It gets the majority of nutrition off of large Zoo plankton and the rest on a diet of frozen mysid shrimp and assorted frozen seafood.

Reproduction: It asexually reproduces starting a daughter colony spawning at the base of the corallite.

Growth: It usually begins at the size of a regular rock then quickly grows into a medium sized coral and depending on night or day it can become quite large.

Cell's: The same rules apply here as with The Bird Of Saxony it's a multi celled organism that's structure and appearance is based off of the cells in it's body.

Tai Lopez (Humans)

Movement: Tai Lopez uses his legs to walk many places that his Lamborghini simply can't such as through his door and around the TED convention center this is all accomplished using limbs called Legs they use the base and calf muscles to propel the entire body.

Energy: Tai Lopez gets his energy and nutrition from a variety of foods like animals and plants although other humans prefer to strictly base their diet around plants only.

Reproduction: Tai Lopez would act as the father of offspring helping the female give birth and raise the child through food money habitat and what ever so necessary this is the most likely case to happen for the male gender unlike Tai however some father's leave their children whether it be due to lack of resources to provide for proper up taking or pure selfishness.

Growth: Tai Lopez began as a embryo which eventually turned into a fetus slowly developing until it was ready to be born and become an infant. after this the progression slows down over time with each passing year as Tai learns new abilities and develops his brain in each stage of life. Toddler Minor Tween Teenager and finally young adult in Tai Lopez's case eventually he will become a Adult then ultimately a Senior.

Cell's: Tai Lopez is made of millions of Cells creating the body and brain that is the human Tai Lopez many other humans share differences with Tai Lopez whether it simply be genetics or diet and brain structure.

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