The Four Noble Truths

The four noble truths are the most important beliefs in Buddhism. They teach the truth of suffering, the end of suffering, the path to the end of suffering and the cause of suffering.

Reasons for belief

They all believe the teachings of Buddha and the teachings help achieve enlightenment.

Reason for following

To achieve enlightenment which means to reach the end of suffering.


The giant buddha of Leshan is an enormous Buddha statue carved into the side of a mountain as a monument to Buddha and Buddhists.


He's here for you and me

If you have a problem
Don't worry, hand it over to the Buddha
Just listen to Him and you will see the light
to all the darkness and miseries
Gautama Buddha, He's here for you and me
By your side
Day and night
Rain or shine
Gautama Buddha, He's here for you and me
Welcome Him to our hearts till eternity

Current event

Earlier this year a group of Buddhists was convicted for massacring a crowd of Muslims. This will have a negative impact on the Buddhist community, as this will create stereotypes.


This religion's extremists justify their actions against non believers by the fact that they have conflicting beliefs