Wanted Citrobacter Freundii

Caroline Pound

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Citrobacter attacks the respiratory system and urinary system. It can be transmitted through contact from mother to child, ingestion, or air droplets (coughs or sneezes) .


Infants or the premature and the elderly are the most at risk to get Citrobacter. Also, people who work as a farmer or water restoration could easily get infected.


Citrobacter can cause urinary tract infections, blood stream infections, and brain absences. Also, can cause pneumonia, meningitis, neonatal infection, and joint infection. People may experience pain in the back, muscles, or neck. Get fever, chills, lethargy, loss of appetite, nauseous, or ect. Plus, you can get blotchy or red rashes.


This bacteria can be found most near contaminated water and soil.


To prevent from getting Citrobacter it is best to wash your hands and keep good hygiene. Some treatments would be antibiotics like penicillin and steroids. Depending on the cause, citrobacter may get better on it's own or be life threatening.