"Empire State Building"

World Wonder

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The Empire State location is at Midtown Manhattan,New York,USA


The site of the Empire State Building was first developed as the John Thompson Farm in the late 18th century.The Empire State Building was designed by William Lamb.Excavation of the site began on January 22, 1930, and construction on the building itself started symbolically on March 17—St. Patrick's Day—per Al Smith's influence as Empire State, Inc. president. This was about the time that the Great Depression started. The project involved 3,400 workers, mostly immigrants from Europe,The Antenna on the building was needed to be a terminal for airships.
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Why To visit it?

The "Emipre State" its the tallest building at New York its opend 24 hours a day.the view

from there amazing you can see all New York

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Up to 899$ dollars for men