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October Newsletter

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A message from Mrs. Janover

I would like to thank everyone for all of their assistance as we opened the doors for the 2018-2019 school year!

In addition to this monthly newsletter, I will continue to send home Ravine Drive School's Weekly Virtual Backpack. The e-blast will be sent home each Wednesday, providing parents with week-to-week information regarding school news, upcoming events, and information regarding flyers and notices. I encourage you to periodically review your contacts in the Realtime Parent Portal to confirm that you have your current email address and phone numbers listed, as well as the names of any adults you would like to allow to pick up your child. The Parent Portal also contains information regarding your child's schedule, grades (Gr. 1 - 3), and attendance. Progress Reports will no longer be issued as a result of the online gradebook.

The students have been working very hard the first few weeks of school learning about expectations and routines, as well as making new friends. I am looking forward to a fantastic new school year. As always, I encourage you to stay in touch with your child's teachers and be a part of our PTO.

Follow Ravine Drive School on Twitter!

As a reminder, I have started using Twitter as another way to share photos, news and more to Ravine Drive families. If you use Twitter, you can follow us @RavineDrive. Our tweets can also be found on our school website or by clicking this link.

School Pictures

School pictures will be taken on October 12th. Pictures will be sent home a few weeks later. Make-up pictures will be held on November 6th for any students who were absent or need to have their pictures retaken.

Morning Arrival

As a reminder, the front of the school by the flagpole and the Kiss and Drop Loop are only for dropping off students. Parents should not be using this area to park and walk their child to the door. As a reminder, please use the parking lot in the Kiss and Drop Loop if you would like to park and walk your child to the door. Thank you for all of your assistance as we work to improve the arrival of students.
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School Counselors Can Help

School counselors are trained in all kinds of different topics that can cause children to struggle or help them progress in school. Here are just a few of the things you can talk to your child’s school counselor about:

  • Concerns about schoolwork. Counselors can check with teachers, assist with extra help and even set up parent-teacher meetings.

  • Worries about social issues. From bullying, divorce or death to the little battle with a friend or sibling— counselors can guide children and families to resources and solutions.

  • Thoughts about strengths and interests.Counselors work on student career interests as early as elementary school with career days and interest assessments.

- The Parent Institute

Costume Parade

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to our annual Costume Parade. Weather permitting, the parade will be held outdoors on Wednesday, October 31, 2018. The parade will begin at the front doorway and continue around the front of the building to the blacktop area behind the school. The students will begin the parade at 2:45 PM.

Students will be dressed in creative costumes, so bring your camera. The students will change into their costumes shortly before the parade. Costumes should easily go over the students’ regular school clothes. For the safety of all children, please be sure your child wears a costume that allows them to see and walk easily. Students may not bring “stick-like” props to school including swords, pitchforks, toy guns, canes, etc.

For our parade, please join in the fun and dress for the occasion, remembering not to wear any costumes that would scare young children. Please park in the parking lot near the loop or on local streets.

Dismissal will be at the regular time, 3:35 PM. For the safety and accountability of all students, children may not be signed out by their parents for an early dismissal. Attendance will be taken in all classrooms following the parade. Teachers will arrange with class parents/volunteers for families to provide the treats for the class. We appreciate your generosity, but no additional food will be accepted. The parents scheduled to provide snacks to the classrooms should drop them off in the security vestibule before 12:00. Only the parents who have been scheduled to help out in the classroom may come into the building. The teachers have been asked to provide the office with the names of their classroom volunteers.

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, October 31st.

Community Service Project

Mrs. Torres and Ms. Blake worked closely with their students to organize a Coin Drive for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. They are excited to share that Ravine Drive School raised $500 to support this important cause. Thank you for all of your assistance!

Back to School Night at Ravine Drive School

Ravine Drive School's Back to School Night had a wonderful turnout. Parents had the opportunity to meet their child’s teachers and to have a better understanding of the curriculum. Although the Parent Teacher Conferences are not scheduled until November 27th and 28th, please stay in communication with the teacher about the progress that your son or daughter is making in the classroom. Thank you for your ongoing support!

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School Violence Awareness Week

Monday, October 16

Wear mismatched socks!

"Everyone doesn’t have to be the same to work and play together. Differences make us special. "

Tuesday, October 17

Wear a sweatshirt!

"Good choices are no sweat!"

Wednesday, October 18

Wear a team jersey!

"Team up against drugs and violence!"

Thursday, October 19

Wear sneakers!

"Don't let bad choices sneak up on you!"

Friday, October 20

Wear your Ravine Drive shirt or school colors!

"Good choices are easier when we work together!"

Make Read-Aloud Time Better Than Ever

Want to strengthen your child's vocabulary, improve his reading scores and have fun—all in only 20 minutes a day? Then plan a regular read-aloud time and follow these hints to make reading aloud easier and more effective:

  1. Pick a regular time—and stick to it. There is no bad time to read aloud. Some busy families even plan reading time during baths or breakfast.

  2. Read the book yourself before you read it aloud to your child. Reading aloud is performing. You will give a better performance if you're familiar with the text.

  3. Read books you like. If you like the book, it is going to show on your face and be heard in your voice.

  4. Leave your child wanting more. Stop a day's reading at a point when he is eager to hear what happens next.

-Parent Institute

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A message from Ms. Koch, Ravine Drive's School Nurse

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of a Cold?

The first symptoms of a cold are often a tickle in the throat, a runny or stuffy nose, and sneezing. Kids with colds also might feel very tired and have a sore throat, cough, headache, mild fever, muscle aches, and loss of appetite. Mucus from the nose may become thick yellow or green.

Are Colds Contagious?

Colds are the most common infectious disease in the United States. They're very contagious, especially in the first 2 to 4 days after symptoms begin. They can even spread for a couple of weeks after someone starts feeling sick.

Colds spread through person-to-person contact or by breathing in virus particles, which can travel up to 12 feet through the air when someone with a cold coughs or sneezes. Touching the mouth or nose after touching a contaminated surface can also spread a cold.

How Long Do Colds Last?

Cold symptoms usually appear 2 or 3 days after exposure to a source of infection. Most colds clear up within 1 week, but some last a bit longer.

How Are Colds Diagnosed?

Your doctor won't be able to identify the specific virus causing cold symptoms, but can examine your child's throat and ears and take a throat culture to make sure the symptoms aren't from another condition that may need treatment. If symptoms get worse instead of better after 3 days or so, the problem could be strep throat, sinusitis, pneumonia, or bronchitis, especially if your son or daughter smokes.

If symptoms last for more than a week, appear at the same time every year, or happen when your child is around pollen, dust, or animals, an allergy could be to blame. Kids who have trouble breathing or wheeze when they catch a cold could have asthma.


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Do you and your child check out library books often? Keep them in a special spot, and teach your child to be responsible and to return them on time.

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Upcoming Events

October 1 - 5 - Week of Respect

October 8 - School Closed

October 10 - Fire Prevention Assembly

October 13 - Matawan Day

October 15 - 19 - School Violence Awareness Week

October 18 - PTO Meeting - 7:00

October 19 - PTO Fall Festival - 6:00 - 7:30

October 31 - Costume Parade (weather permitting) - 2:45