A Trip 'Round Georgia

Kaiser Traveling Agency

Here We Go!

Are you planning a vacation and cannot decide where to go? Why not take a 7 day trip through Georgia! From down south to up north, there is nothin you cant miss!

Day One

For our first stop, we will be traveling to Cumberland Island, which was formed in the early 1600s. We will have to take a ferry ride from St.Marys to the island. We will visit the Plum Orchard Mansion and the Cumberland Island National Seashore. The Plum Orchard Mansion is a very old, yet famous place in the state of Georgia. It was built in the mid 1800s. There are plenty of attractions and sights on the seashore we will also visit like the national museum. 

Day Two

On day two, we will be leaving Cumberland Island bright and early in the morning and travel to Savannah, Ga, the first settled city in Georgia. We will spend a couple of hours shopping on River Street. Bring some spending money! After that stop, we will be visiting the Woodrow Wilson House, which opened for touring in 2008, in Augusta, Ga. This childhood home of the 28th president is visited everyday. I personally think this stop will interest you!

Day Three

On day three, we will ride all the way to Royston, Ga, home of the famous MLB player Ty Cobb. Cobb has a whole museum dedicated to him, which will be one of our stops. After that stop, we will visit the Chattahoochee River, named by the Muskogeans, in Helen, Ga for the rest of the day for some fun in the sun! Make sure you pack your swimsuit! 

Day Four

On day four, we will leave Helen and travel up to Dalton, Ga to visit the Historic Western & Atlantic Railroad Tunnel. This tunnel was used during the Civil War and opened for touring in 2000. Then we will be spending some time just across the state border in Chattanooga, TN. There we will be going to Rock City, which opened in 1932. We will visit the Fairyland Caverns and the Mother Goose Village.

Day Five

On day five, we will leave Rock City and travel south to Atlanta, Ga. In Atlanta we will go through CNN studios, which first launched on the air in 1980. After that we will walk to the Coca-Cola Museum, which opened in 1932. In the museum we will get to see the famous 7-foot tall coca-cola Polar Bear! That will probably be my favorite part of the museum. :)

Day Six

Day six is our last day of adventure. We will leave Atlanta in the afternoon and travel to Macon, Ga. In Macon, we will visit the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, built in 1956. This hall of fame is the largest in the country measuring 43,000 square feet!

Day Seven

On day seven we will be riding back to the glorious city of Reidsville. ;) This concludes our trip!


Sadly, you know not everything comes free. The total cost of the trip is $769. Troughout the trip we will travel about 957 miles. That is A LOT! (Trust me, it will be much more fun when we actually go.) :)