Andrew Jackson

Kate James per05

Nullification Crisis

South Carolina made the nullification act, so they wouldn't have to pay the tariffs. The US government passed the Force to make South Carolina pay taxes. The force Bill gave Andrew Jackson the power to force South Carolina to pay taxes using the US army. South Carolina quickly gave in when Andrew Jackson threatened to hang John C. Calhoun.

Trail of Tears

When the US government kicked the Cherokee Indians out of their land (Georgia). They were being moved to Oklahoma. Americans wanted their land to crow cotton and discover gold. The Supreme Court told Jackson that he couldn't interfere with the Indians, but Jackson didn't listen and ordered them to leave immediately.

Spoils System

Andrew Jackson would give people free government jobs whether or not they are qualified. He did this so he would get the peoples loyalty so next election he would be elected again. Lots of people liked this system because they would practically get free jobs. Since the people working the government aren't qualified, the government won't be working.

Cherokee Indian

Why did you vote for Andrew Jackson ? He ordered my people and I to leave our homes and our land, to go to a place we didn't know, without our consent. The supreme Court even made a law that said Andrew Jackson couldn't interfere with my people, that only made him more motivated to make us leave!! Andrew Jackson was careless for my people and made us go to nothing so he good have our land for crops and gold. Don't vote for Andrew Jackson again, for the good of ALL people.

-Cherokee Indian


Andrew Jackson had every right to move the Natives out of there land. He is president and they have to respect his power to whats right for the majority of the people. Andrew Jackson moved the natives to a new home so we could use the resources there. President Jackson didn't do anything wrong he was doing the right thing.