True Colors: The Color of Gold

Cynthia Haddad

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Overview of My Color

The overview of my color basically represents my color as being someone that cares about others and is very honest and loyal.Always prepared for whatever comes it's way. Is concerned for either themselves or others.The person that gets the color gold really cares about tradition no matter what they do. Absolutely enjoys helping other people around them even if not asked of them to do so.for example l care about tradition and where i'm from , and also love to help the people around me that look like their struggling or need me to carry something either if i'm at the grocery store or in my neighborhood.

Childhood & Relationships

The people that get this color truly care about the rules and respect and do not touch the things that are not theirs. They are always careful of the rules at school and are aware to not break them or else they will have to face the consequences.When it comes to the relationship for the color Gold they take their relationship serious and traditionally.My example for childhood is that l dislike to break the rules instructed by the person in charge in the room that l am in.For relationships l tend to take everything serious.


When it comes to work or even doing my homework l take that very seriously. I prefer to work hard and finish all the things that l need to finish then go ahead and play and have fun with my rest of the day.I tend to be very organized for example for school l have a planner to organize my day and what homework l have to do for the day.Another example is that during school l prefer to work on my homework during the school hour and get as much as possible done during the hour which leads to less work at home or sometimes even none.

Leadership Style

Since l got the color gold l do feel that the people and including me that get the color gold always want things done the way they think it should be done.l actually would hate it if someone said that l was wrong about something and l was right about it. That makes me feel like they don't think l can possibly know more than them or something that the other person doesn't know. l hate it when people change in a way l dislike and they had no reason to change the way they did.

Symptoms of a Bad day

When the people of the color gold have a bad day that makes them feel different then others. It makes them feel depressed and it gives them anxiety.l my self worry about me or others when l feel sad about something. Or if the other person feels sad that makes me feel sad that their going through rough times.Some people get phobic reactions. Which reminds me of myself because l sometimes get a phobia of close spaces.

Thoughts About My Color

The three characteristics about my color fit me best is that l get concerned about others around me.l think of my self very organized, and Dependable.Three characteristics about my color that don't fit me is that l don't think of myself to be Concrete,Stable, and Sensible.The job that fits my personality best is if l was a lawyer. Since l like to take action and take control.My color might affect me at work by making me organized, and loyal.
The two negative things my job will affect me at work is caring (if i'm a lawyer l need to be able to see the truth out of people).The other negative thing is that l will be to concerned about others.That will affect my job by making sure that l will be harsh at only the people that deserve it. One example is that l like to care for others even when not told.Another one is that l find myself very dependable.