Kindergarten News-PM Kinder

Mrs. Green

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our September Friend!

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We are authors and illustrators.

We have been working so hard on our writing. We started off the year discovering that we are all writers. We all have a story to tell. We learned that if we think of something to share we can put our ideas on the paper using pictures and words. We also learned that when we think we are done we have only just begun. We can always add to our pictures, add to our words or start a new piece. We have been practicing stretching out words really slow to hear all the sounds in the word. We write down what we hear. Mrs. Green taught us to plan out our books using 3 page books. Each day we are stretching out our words to hear even more sounds. Mrs. Green is teaching us sight words that we are adding to our word wall. We will be learning (I, the) first. We have 17 words to know by the end of the year. We have also learned the sound on CH. We use letter/sound charts from FUNdations. Mrs. Green will attach one here. Every day we go over our letters and sounds. This helps is hear more sounds in words and helps us become better writers.

We are also practicing asking questions about our writing so we can add more detail to our stories. For example, if I wrote: "My mom took me to school." Mrs. Green or my partner might ask me "How did you get to school?" So then I would edit my writing by saying "My mom took me to school in the car." This is a hard concept but we work at it every day.

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Triangle Song Video

Everyday Math

We are working on Shapes. We have been introduced to a circle, triangle, rectangle, and square. Now, we are discovering a rhombus, hexagon and a trapezoid. We will take a multi-sensory approach with song, large motor and small motor activities and projects. Our math topics fit well into our school wide Calder Artist study. We will be working with 2-D objects and turning them into 3-D sculptures. on LEXIA CORE 5 10-15 minutes each day. We have also been working on Starfall in the computer lab.