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The Knightly News, November 2021

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We have come to the end of two months of the school year, and I must say, the students at SMS continue to impress me with their kindness and care. While normal, middle school conflicts do arise, we do notice that for nearly all of our students, their interactions are characterized by kindness.

I want to thank all of our parents and caregivers for your diligence in reporting your child’s absences to the school. We continue to require that children who are sick follow Covid protocols, as outlined on the HSD Covid Guidance page. At school, we are doing our best to follow protocols, all while remembering to find joy as much as we can, in as many places as we can.

Thanks for all of your support for our Pizza Fundraiser. It closes today, and we will report about the funds raised after we have completed all the counting and pizza distribution.

We have heard from HSD that the current Covid restrictions in middle schools will continue until at least after Christmas. This means that our Parent/Teacher meetings, scheduled for December 8, will be held virtually. It also means we are not able to have in-person Christmas concerts. We will provide more information about these events as the time draws nearer.

Each morning, when we do our announcements, we encourage our school community to remember to choose kindness. Thanks for all you do as parents and caregivers to support that message. It really does make a difference!

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Mark Your Calendars!

Wednesday, November 10th In School Remembrance Day

Thursday, November 11th Remembrance Day (No Classes)

Friday, November 12th Professional Development Day (No Classes)

Thursday, November 18th End of Term 1

Thursday, November 18th Pizza Pick Up (more details to come)

Monday, November 29th Administration Day (No Classes)

Tuesday, November 30th Immunizations

Friday, December 3rd First Term Report Cards

December 6th-10th SMS Book Fair (more information below)

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Poppy Campaign

We would love it if students/staff would bring a donation for their poppy so that we can support this campaign.

Please wear a poppy or a poppy sticker to show your respect for those who serve.

When you go home

Tell them of us and say,

For your tomorrow

We gave our today.

December 6th to 10th

This year our book fair will include a virtual shopping link so that parents can shop online, as well as an in-school fair for students to browse through! We will send the link home closer to the book fair dates. Whatever you buy online is added to our in-school fair sales for one fair total. Stay tuned for more information!

We Said Goodbye!

October 29th - Retirement Day!

Mrs. Arlene Monkman, our librarian/secretary, retired on Friday, October 29th. She had spent 30 years at Steinbach Junior High/Stonybrook Middle School. We were sorry to see her go, but happy for her that she could take this step and enjoy more time at home with her family and her garden!

Mrs. Monkman impacted everyone who met her - students and staff alike. We wish her all the best in this next phase of life!

Let's Get Moving!

Did You Know?

Physical activity helps to raise:

* Endorphins (pleasurable feelings)

* Norepinephrine (helps to activate the brain)

* Dopamine (improves a person's mood, their motivation, allows them to focus better)

Active Kids Learn Better!

Learn more about why active kids learn better and how schools can help at

Attendance Notes

Please be reminded to call the school when your child is absent for any reason. If we don't receive a call from you, you will receive a phone call in the morning asking you to call the school or send a note excusing your child's absence. You may also email the school office ( with your explanation if that is more convenient.

You may also send information regarding your child's absence through the HSD Parent Portal. Later in this newsletter there will be "refresher instructions" for those who have not yet had the opportunity to create a Parent Portal Account.

Thank you!

Remember- We're A Nut Safe School!

Please make sure that your students bring peanut free products to school. We have several students that have severe peanut/any nut allergies. Please help us keep SMS a safe environment for all students! Thank you for your consideration and for taking the time to look at food labels!
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HSD Parent Portal

If you haven't signed up for the Parent Portal, please do this! This is a great communication tool for you to use to connect with your child's teachers!

The Parent Portal provides secure online access to your child's student information. With a username and password, you can access data for each of your children attending an HSD school.

On the Parent Portal you are able to:

- verify that the information we have for your student is accurate (address, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.)

- submit attendance notes, excusing your child from classes

- check school fee balances (field trip amounts/sports fees etc. are now added to the school accounts) and make payments on your account

- view current and past report cards for your child** See important note below regarding report cards

Before creating a Parent Access Account, you will first need to obtain a unique Access ID for each student profile that you want added to your account. The required Access IDs, along with account setup instructions, were sent to all eligible parents/guardians at the beginning of the school year. If you did not receive this email, or require it to be sent again, please contact the school office. Access ID's will not be given out by phone, only by email so that we can be sure that this information is being sent to the parents/guardians on record at the school. Upon receipt of your child's Access ID, visit to proceed with account setup. It is easy and only takes a few minutes!

Important Information Regarding Report Cards

Report cards will no longer be emailed to parents. They will be uploaded to the parent portal site and will be available to parents by 3:00 p.m. on the day report cards are due to be "sent home". Only those students whose parents do not have access to the Parent Portal will receive printed copies (students will bring them home on report card day).

If you have any questions about the Parent Portal, please do not hesitate to contact the school. We believe that this is a valuable tool to help the parents stay connected and informed!

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Youth Empowering Youth

Low Entropy Foundation is excited to announce four open Youth Empowering Youth (YEY) programs for your youth ages 13-18. You can register for this free online-program now and share this information with the youth you work with. More information about the program and how to register is included below and attached you will find a one-page information sheet on the YEY program.

You can choose one of the following timings that best works for you:

  • Sundays: 10:00-11:30 a.m. (PDT) Oct 24- Dec 19
  • Sundays 01:00- 02:30 p.m. (PDT) Nov 14- Jan 16

About the Program

YEY is a nine-session accelerated program, run by two trained Facilitators who are passionate about helping youth. The program is offered in an online class setting that encourages student participation. Each class shares a new principle which builds upon the previous principle; ultimately helping students take accountability for their thoughts, feelings and actions; thus, moving them into a place of confidence, security and self-assurance. Upon completion of this program, youth are offered an opportunity to take on a leadership role and co-facilitate future courses to help empower more youth within their school or community. YEY curriculum is a derivative from the Slight Edge Principles. The principles shared during this nine-week program are as follows:

Session 1 – Ripple Effect

Session 2 – Attitude Creates Your Life

Session 3 – The Moment You Stop Blaming, You Take Back your Power

Session 4 – Take Action! With Small Steps

Session 5 – Fail Forward to Success

Session 6 – Drive Your Life with Powerful Habits

Session 7 – Be a Student of Life

Session 8 – Momentum is your Responsibility

Session 9 – Graduation & Next Steps

About the Organization

YEY is a program of Low Entropy, a registered Charity that is making personal growth accessible to all, and in doing so providing people with the tools to change themselves and the world. What’s unique about our program is that it has a template and a structure to foster growth and development in an intentional, adaptable, customizable, and scalable way. Change starts from within, and we see personal growth as a vehicle for global change. More information on Low Entropy and the Youth Empowering Youth program can be found at our website. Register for our newsletter at


We inspire youth to be accountable for their own thoughts, feelings and actions; helping them become responsible citizens in this world. Our vision is to help all schools across the world create a culture that empowers, strengthens and develops leaders for the next generation.


To create a safe environment for youth to cultivate a sense of security, confidence and self-assurance within themselves.


We all have unique gifts and intrinsic value to offer to the world. Our program will serve as a catalyst to help youth explore their talents and contribute to the community in a powerful, positive and meaningful way.

After Graduation

Upon completion of this program, youth have the opportunity to take on a leadership role and co-facilitate future programs to help empower more peers! This is a unique pathway for youth to gain knowledge and apply what they have learned from the program in an engaging way to make an immediate impact.


To register, please click the link, fill out the form and submit it to book a spot in our upcoming program.

For more information contact Ness Gale, YEY Program Manager, at .

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