Science and Engineer Egg drop

Mr.Landers science class's egg drop


On Tuesday September 4th we started preparing our egg drop. My partner Hunter and I prepared the egg for the egg drop. Until Monday 9th our egg got dropped from a fire truck 60 ft in the air.

PCMS back of school

On Monday 9th we had our egg drop everyone's egg got dropped and a lot of them survived. The egg before us had a box around the egg with a parachute and the egg cracked which made my partner Hunter and I very nervous. Then our egg came up Mr.Karcz dropped the egg and luckily the parachute worked, the parachute was spinning which was cool because it looked like a helicopter. After our egg landed we ran up to it to see if it survived or not and sure enough it did!


2 rubber bands

20 x 20 cm piece of cardboard

3 cotton balls

5 plastic straws

2 pieces of paper

5 packaging peanuts

50 cm kite string

50 cm tape

20 x 20 cm plastic bag

2 dixie cups

5 toothpicks

5 q- tips

3 Popsicle sticks

How we built it

We used 6 cotton balls and 5 packaging peanuts for the padding. We took 2 cups for the outside. We put the string on the end of the paper for a parachute and connected it to the cup with a toothpick. We put 2 rubber bands around the 2 cups to hold it. We took a zip lock bag for under the parachute. That's how our egg survived.