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September 2021

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Credit-By-Exam (Reuberta please update with current dates)
To gather additional information regarding credit-by-exam and testing, follow this link:

Once you have read the parent information and decide if you want to continue with testing, please notify Mrs. Bitz. Please note, students will only have one opportunity to test for each grade level considered and the next testing window is November 30-December 4 and placement would be for the 2021-2022 school year.

Review the STAAR Testing Dates below:

  • Tuesday, April 6th - 4th Grade STAAR Writing

  • Wednesday, April 7th - Makeup testing for 4th Grade STAAR Writing

  • Thursday, April 8th - Makeup testing for 4th Grade STAAR Writing

  • Tuesday, May 11th - 3rd-5th STAAR Math

  • Wednesday, May 12th -3rd-5th Grade STAAR Reading

  • Thursday, May 13th - 5th Grade STAAR Science

  • Friday, May 14th - Makeup testing for 3rd-5th STAAR testing

  • Monday, May 18th - Makeup testing for 3rd-5th STAAR testing

Rating Scales or Recommendation Forms

If you have a teacher rating scale form or any teacher recommendation forms for teachers to complete, please send those directly to Mrs. Harris or Mrs. Bitz. We must have parents complete a Release of Confidentiality form before the teacher can complete any documents. Each school year, a new release of information form will need to be completed.Once we’ve received the release, teachers will be able to complete the rating scales or teacher recommendation forms.

If your student is in Martial Arts USA and needs a recommendation for belt testing, please make sure you contact Mrs. Harris, or Mrs. Bitz, to receive your release of information form for the school year. Once the release of the information form is completed, your student’s teacher(s) will be able to complete the recommendation.

Important Reminders

Early Dismissal or Change of transportation:

All notes must include the date, student’s first and last name( No Nicknames), teacher's name, time of pick up and the person picking up the student(s). All transportation changes must go through the FRONT DESK, as they are the ones tracking and keeping up with all of our changes daily. We discourage texting/emailing the teacher for any transportation changes. As those are not approved forms of communication for Transportation changes and may be missed. You may hand write and send it to school with the student(s) or fax-(281-373-2304). All Transportation changes/ Early Release, must be received before 3:00pm to the Front Desk. If you have any further questions please call 281-373-2303.

NO CHANGES Transportation Changes or Early Release will be made after 3:00pm without a note or an Administrative Approval. You may have to wait in order for this to happen. Thank you for understanding and helping us keep the children safe.

If you forget or lose your Car rider tag you must park and come in to sign out your Student(s). You must have a valid ID. If you are not the Guardian you have to be on the emergency contact list for us to release the Student(s) without a note.

Nurse Information

This is the link to the Nurses’ webpage. If you have any questions please click on the link below.

Clinic Update 21-22 - Student

Review following link: Clinic # 281-213-8240 Fax # 281-373-2304 Main # 281-373-2303 Immunization requirements

Self Monitor Daily - Keep Sick Kids Home - Medical Alert Forms - Medication Policy


When you are volunteering on campus, please notify the front desk receptionist so your hours can be logged as volunteer time. If you volunteer after hours or weekends, you can log your

hours manually. Visit the volunteer page at

Woodard uses the “Raptor System” to log volunteer hours. This assists us in getting you the recognition you deserve and an invitation to the VIPS Appreciation Event in April. Also, it is a portion of the annual report we submit to the Superintendent of Schools and the Board of Trustees. We want the community to know how valuable our volunteers are, and how much they assist in the success of our school.

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