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ERASMUS+ KA1 for teachers and adult education professionals

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Nowadays, more then ever, the world needs ICT to function properly. Lessons in schools or outside the school also need ICT and teachers try to addapt and picture a digital classroom in which they want to feel confortable. And we will also add a little grass and some trees in our digital classroom...


ICT, digital cassroom, software, using tablets, operating systems, control panel, video projectors, video files, intuitext, Word, Excel,PPT, Browsers and Internet, Moodle, AeL, coursera.org, incorporating ICT in classes (Maths, Arts, Economics,History, geography, counseling and others), game-based learning, connections between ICT and outdoors education, methodology, creativity

Target groups

Teachers (pre-school, primary, secondary, vocational, adult, special needs), teacher trainers, educational guides and counselors, head teachers/ managers of schools, adult education professionals, ICT and media support staff, other interested persons

Main goal

This course will get you closer to the computers world and help you be a better teacher, irrespective of the subject you teach. Even more, the students will become your partners in the teaching/ learning process.They will be able to create their own lessons and didactic tools.
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The participants will be able:

To get a deeper knowledge upon the computers knowledge and practice

To further develop their basic technical skills and use them for a better professional development

To enhance teachers to use the ICT skills in their lessons (Languages, Maths, History, Geography, Economics, Music, Arts). Planning, teaching, assessment solutions

To transfer their knowledge to their students so they could lead their own learning process and create their own didactical tools

To develop an intercultural dialogue


Confirmed course. Session 1, Coimbra, Portugal, 10-14 July 2017. For already approved projects

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Session 2, Lisbon, Portugal, 9-13 July 2018. Pre-registration for the 2017 round

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Programme (5 days without travel, 30 hours)

Arrival day

Day 1: Ice breakers, knowing each other. Sharing prior experience in using IT during different classes

Exploring the computer. Hardware and software basics, commonly used terms, operating systems, control panel, working with video projectors, working with video files. Applications on History / Music classes

Intercultural evening.

Day 2: Document editor – formatting page, paragraphs, text, images and tables; test design, handling the documents, equation editor and file formats. Application on Mathematics/ counseling classes (e.g. a table with the participants for the dossier of the trip)

Presentation programs – introducing slides. Application on Languages/ Arts classes.

Day 3: Cultural day. Getting to know the history of the place. Connections between ICT and outdoors education. Presentation of ARVIS NaTech Programme. Designing a lesson based on a mixture of ICT and Outdoors education. Using tablets. Adobe Voice.

Day 4: Spreadsheets – sheets and cells; using formulas and charts. Application on a Geography class

Browsers and Internet; malware and antivirus programs.

Programs, websites and ideas that help teachers and students – Application on an Economics class

Exploring Moodle, AeL, coursera.org, intuitext. Exploring Zondle, Kahoot

Connecting the programs together; similarities and differences between different programs

Day 5: Practical original ideas to incorporate ICT knowledge within various classes

Practical exercises: designing a test, creating a chart (e.g. for the situation of the final tests), a lesson presentation in PPT (e.g. biology) etc.

Conclusions, feed-back. Evaluation of the course. Certification.

Departure day


The methodology will be experiential, based on workshops, hands-on, practical exercises, game-based learning, creative exercises. The basic technique will be doing – reflection upon doing. Outdoors activities will be integrated in the course.



Certificate of Attendance including description of the course content and the time input

Financial conditions

The course fee – according to Erasmus+ programme (70 euro/ day, 350 euro for a 5 days course)

The accomodation and meals - the best conditions, very elegant hotels at a very good price. You can also make your own arrangements.




For groups larger than 6 persons, we can adjust the course so as to perfectly fit your project objectives.

We offer free consultancy for writing the application form for our patners (for groups larger than 8 persons).

For further details or registration, please contact Anca Vieriu, president of ARVIS and the course coordinator, arvissolutions@yahoo.com

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