Databases Give You Search Power

Why are these important to our school?

Databases can offer quality resources for your research needs. Here's the top 6 reasons why databases are important:

1. They complete the whole information search process. Information seeking research includes internet, books, and databases. Databases are part of the whole information toolkit for our students and staff. Taking away part of the databases may make that process incomplete.

2. They offer a variety or choices. Our individual information needs vary so we need a variety ways to search

3. They offer age appropriate materials. Databases are created with a specific audience in mind – there’s a database for everything.

4. They offer access to high quality & professional artcles. Databases provide scholarly or peer reviewed articles that increase the quality of the research – many professionals in real life look to databases their information needs

5. They are relevant to our school's curriculum. Our database collection supports our curriculum needs and Common Core standards.

6. Finally, they give our students more search power and prepares them for life after school – within their job force and with continuing education post high school education.

Want to learn more about databases - check out this video tutorial titled "What is a Database?

Check out these Databases - available from our school's library homepage

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Stop in and see your school librarian today! Get the "Power" you need to take control of your information searching needs. Don't miss out on the Database Power!

Mrs. Bottenfield

Glendale School District Librarian