Clara Barton

a woman who helped the wounded during the civil war

Information about Clara Barton

Full name: Clara Harlowe Barton

Birth date: December 28,1821

Death date: April 12,1912

Place of birth: Oxford,Massachusettes

Place of death: Glen Echo ,Maryland

Relationship status:

Clara Barton never wanted a man. She believed that she could survive on her own.

She was single her whole life. Never fell in love with one man.

Political Views:

Clara thought slavery was a silly reason to come at war. Her decision was to decide with the Union. She didn't approve slavery in any way. Her opinion on it was a disgrace to all people. She didn't like racism either. She choose her side and stuck with it that would mean all people would be free. She just wanted the world to live in peace instead of hate.

Religion and Hometown

Clara Barton and her parents attended the Universalist Church in Oxford,Massachusettes. In 1905 she wrote a statement of her religious beliefs to her friend Mrs. Norman Thrasher,Lakewood Ohio. Read her statement over her religious belief at .

Her Hometown was Oxford Massaschuttes.

Friends Corner

She made friends with soldiers,commanders,families and generals.

The Wall

Clara Barton was never involved in the war. During the Civil War, Clara Barton sought to help the soldiers in any way she could. At the beginning, she collected and distributed supplies for the Union Army. Not content sitting on the sidelines, Barton served as an independent nurse and first saw combat in Fredericksburg, Virginia , in 1862. After the war ended in 1865, Clara Barton worked for the Department, helping to either reunite missing soldiers and their families or find out more about those who were missing. She also became a lecturer and crowds of people came to hear her talk about her war experiences


Personal Information


She loved to take care of people on her leisure time.



She was part of the American Red Cross.

Major Accomplishments

Being part of the American Red Cross.