The Moon

By. Reagan


the moon orbits earth while earth orbits the sun. The earth is 4 times bigger then the moon. There are 9 phases of the moon. the moon rotates on its axis. There bunch of craters on the moon. there has been about 18 people on the moon. The moon radius is 1,079 miles from earth. The moon is the closest plant to earth. The moons day is 29 earth days.


Craters are all offer the moon. The shacleton crater is big as the grand cannon. Craters crash in to the moon. they make big holes in the moon. they make the moon look bumpy. The amazing Aitken( basin measures 2,500 kilometers (1,600 miles) across and is the largest, deepest and oldest basin on the moon.


The moon does not have a atmosphere is why craters hit the moon. The atmosphere is why craters do not hit the earth. the atmosphere is a gas. The atmosphere helps the earth from floating objects.