La Paz, Bolivia

Come on down to Bolivia and experience a new world.

Where Is La Paz, Bolivia Located?

Beautiful Bolivia

Are you big on touring? If so, Bolivia is the place to go!

Bolivia is beautiful, but it can be complicated when deciding when to go. The best time to go may be in October. The worst time to go, unfortunately, is during the summer months. Come tour the Bolivian Salt Flats where the sky and the ground merge into one. Bolivia has a special 3 day Salt Flat tour where you can tour, eat lunch, continue touring, and eat a special dinner for three days in a row. So if you're a tourist, come check us out!

Bolivia's Nature

Not only is Bolivia beautiful but it is full of history, check it out!!

La Paz is full of sites to see and things to do in fact it's in the top 100 wonders of the world. If you like pictures you should head out to Salar de Uyuni, one of the flattest places in the world. La Paz has huge festivals to enjoy yourself, dance and play! If you are interested in how indians used to live, come check out Tiwanaku, it was really important in inca history. Come tour one of the wonders of the world.

La Paz's Temperatures

Usually when we humans travel we do not have a clue on what to pack, maybe some of theses tips will help!

In Bolivia, the temperature can change dramatically! It can be extremely cold or super hot, so be sure to check the temperature before you go. Between May and July causing the temperature to drop around 10 degrees to 40 degrees. Around March and April is when the temperature raises above 80 degrees. So be sure to dress for the correct temperature.

Let's Eat!

Feast on Bolivia's very delicious and mouthwatering foods!!

For breakfast have Saltena’s small pastries full of meat and veggies. If you like kebabs you’ll like Sanwich de chola made with buns, pork, any condiments topped with lemon juice. At dinner try Change de pollo, a chicken soup with potatoes, onions and peppers. If your looking for a snack go try Empanadas. Any who be sure to experiment these wonderful foods.

La Paz's Sports

If your a sports fan get in the game and grab a friend!!

If you like soccer Bolivia is the place for you, because it is the number one sport and the most popular in Bolivia. If you aren’t a soccer fan there are plenty of other sports to check out; there is racquetball, volleyball, basketball, futbol and many more. Unfortunately Bolivia doesn’t consider football as a sport so they do not play it but soccer is pronounced futbol so made sure you understand that


In Bolivia, language is an adventure, you will be surprised with these amazing facts!

In Bolivia, the locals don't speak one language, they speak over 35! A few are Spanish, Quechua, Aymara, Tupi, Gurani, and many more! They also speak at least 30 indigenous languages, but if you speak English, do not be worried, because they also speak English as well. So come and hear some cool accents!