Nuclear Experimentation

By: Judy Knelsen

Nuclear Weapon Tests

Experiments carried out to determine the effectiveness, and explosive capability. Through the 20th century, nations around the world made and tested them. Nuclear testing has been used as an indicator of scientific and military strength.

Chernobyl Experiment and Explosion

In 1986, the Chernobyl desaster is concidered the biggest nuclear disaster ever recorded in history. Experts predicted it effected 350,000 people and about 40,000 cancer deaths from the disaster.

Environmental Effects

Environmental damage was widespread immediately following the accident, stretching from fauna and vegetation to rivers and lakes and all the way down to the groundwater. The second major plume of radiation released by the Chernobyl nuclear accident was carried directly over what is now called the Red Forest. Radioactive particles settled on trees, killing approximately 400 hectares of pine forest. The Red Forest is now one of the most contaminated terrestrial habitats on earth.

Chernobyl Disaster What Really Happened
This video above explains what exactly happened, like how it exploded and how it effected the people and the environment.