My Life on Earth

By: Mai Lee Xiong

How I Have Changed

- My heart has beaten 634 millions beats and the Earths heart has only beaten 48 million beats.

- On Earth I am 15, but on Mercury, I will be 62 instead.

- If a house fly was my age then it would have a family about 5,583 generations

- The distance that I have travelled around the sun will be about 8,844,736,314 but it will keep on moving until the day I die

How The World Has Changed

- In my life there has been about 75 major eruptions

- In my whole life time there has been 34 solar eclipses and then the new eclipses will come in 143 days

- population have increased in 1 billion years and it will still keep on going.

- A coast redwood con grow up to 351 feet ( 6715% ) from my height

- East Pacific Rises 7'5" and I am 5'2"

How We Changed The World

- The rise of the sea level today is +2 but in 2100 the sea level will be +42

- The Antarctic ozone hole has decreased by 3 million km^2

- Saved from extinction when I was 5 by Black Rhino.

- Carbon intensity has decreased by 8%

- Global temperature over my lifetime, 2050 = 59.7 and in 2013 = 58.3

- Forest cover in 2000 was 10.1 billion acres and now today 203.8 million acres are now lost!