Japanese 1 - Final Exam Week

January 4 - 8, 2016

Due Dates

January 4 - 7 - Final Exam
January 4 - 7 - Language Coaching at Regularly Scheduled Times
January 8 - Last Day of the Course = Last day to submit any late work.

Final Exam Tips

Read through the above slideshare file to assist you in understanding what to study for the Final Exam. There will be a few listening questions, some vocabulary matching, and some sentences you will have to translate from English to Japanese. Please make sure you read the directions for each question to score the highest possible grade. Also, please look at the feedback given to you on your speaking assignments and quizzes to help you realize what grammar you may not completely understand at this point in time. Please ask questions if you don't understand the comments given.


The end of the semester is coming VERY soon, so if you are haven't submitted some assignments, please put forth some effort to get that work caught up! This is the last week to turn in any work for the 2nd 9 weeks. Please check each assignment carefully to see if you have submitted it. Many students are missing quiz and project grades. Please look to see if you have a 0 listed for work you believe you have submitted and let me know ASAP.

Thank you!

EOC Projects

I have added information in the grading rubric on missing elements that can be submitted to improve your grades. Please take note of that and submit as soon as possible so I can make grade adjustments.


Japanese language coaching is an important (and required) component of this online class. If a student has not attended a session, that time can be made up in 1 of two ways. Go to Blackboard Collaborate, then Recordings, then set the dates for the date range you wish to find. Locate your missed session, listen to the archive, and send an email with a summary of what was covered along with 3 sentences in Japanese that were practiced. You can receive maximum of 80% for this type of makeup. You may also attend an alternate session with a different coach. The alternate coach will notify me of your participation and you will receive full credit (minus any deductions for arriving late or not being prepared).

Peer Tutoring Center

Contact the PTC by clicking on the link on the left in the course (not "on top" as it says in the image below). If you should need assistance with Japanese or with taking an online course in general, there are students just like you waiting to help!
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Updates from Adam Renfro:
Copied from Dec. 17 E-Lert:

End of Semester Tips & Reminders

North Carolina Virtual Public School > End of Semester Tips & Reminders

The end of the semester is approaching, and we have a few tips for schools to help close out the summer session. Following these steps will help with the success of your students and help you have grades prepared for your final report cards..


Be familiar with the last day of class for the summer session. Students will lose access to their courses at midnight on the last day of class. Students will not be able to submit assignments after the last day of class!

Mark these dates on your calendar for the close of Fall 2015 classes:

Dec. 11: Last day of early calendar courses.

Dec. 17: Early calendar final grades posted in the registration system.

Jan. 8: Last day of traditional calendar courses.

Jan. 14: Traditional calendar final grades posted in the registration system.

EOC and CTE Testing

Schools must administer all EOC and CTE tests. Schools will also need to average the EOC and CTE scores (25%) into the grades that we post for those courses. If you’ve not already made arrangements with your school’s testing coordinator, please do that right away. Our final grade report will have EOC and CTE anticipated scores for your testing coordinators.


Fall and Spring Semesters

Our final grade report will show two weighted marking period grades (37.5% each) and the final exam grade (25%) and final grade. EOC and CTE courses will only show the marking period grades. Schools will need to calculate in the EOC and CTE exam grades.

Summer Session

Our final grade report for summer will show one weighted marking period grades (75% ) and the final exam grade (25%) and final grade. EOC and CTE courses will only show the one marking period grades. Schools will need to calculate in the EOC and CTE exam grades.

NCVPS Grading Policies

You will want to be aware of our grading policy and how we weight grades, especially for EOC courses where you will need to calculate the final grade once you receive your test scores. Follow this link to see our Grades Quick Reference Guide and how we calculate grades.

Report Cards and Transcripts

Schools must enter grades into PowerSchool. Be sure the data manager has access to the grade report and understands our grade calculations. Be sure to examine the spreadsheet closely to find the final grade. This will be essential when your data manage enters NCVPS grades into PowerSchool to avoid data entry errors.

Middle School Reporting

Middle schools should ensure that they use the NCVPS course codes so that their students can receive high school credit for the courses that they take with us. You can find courses codes in our catalog here, or in the second column of any grade report.

Grade Questions

If you have questions about a student’s grade, you should send those directly to the student’s teacher or submit a help ticket to the Virtual Support Center.


If you have technical issues at your school on the last days of class or if a student is ill, you may request a short (1-2 day) extension directly from the teacher. If you need a longer extension for a student, see our full guidelines here .

We hope these procedures help you successfully close out your semester. Thank you for enrolling your students with NCVPS! We look forward to serving you in the future.


NCVPS is still enrolling for Spring 2016 classes. We have a number of courses that can help expand a school's course catalogue. See if the following options can help your students for spring:

Visual Arts - We have a number of unique, challenging, and hard-to-find-elsewhere visual arts courses. See those courses at this link.

Middle School Courses - We have some great middle school electives. These courses are for middle school credit, and they are a terrific way to introduce middle school students to online learning. See those courses at this link.

Health and Physical Education - We now have a ½ credit health course, a ½ credit physical education course, and a full-credit health and physical education course. These courses have already helped schools with students who have moved in from out-of-state and are missing some combination of health and PE. Early college campuses are also using these courses to meet their needs for health and PE. Learn more about our health and PE courses at this link.

Please note that we have a number of closed early calendar courses for Spring 2016. We are converting those courses to Canvas (from Blackboard and Moodle), and they will not be ready for the early calendar opening. Early calendar students affected by this can be enrolled in our traditional calendar courses. Have the students notify their instructors that they are at an early calendar school and need to finish the course early. Our spring-semester traditional calendar courses end on May 20, 2016, so this is not a problem.

See the list of course closings for spring here.

Important Dates to Remember

Link to Japanese 1 Calendar

January 1 - 4 Typical Japanese New Year's Holiday
January 4 - NCVPS Japanese classes resume
January 7 - Last day to take Final Exam
January 8 - Last day to submit missing work

Revae Bostwick, Japanese 1 Instructor

Office Hours: 5:00 - 9:00 p.m. daily.
If you need to call at a different time, please leave a message and I will get back to you.