Blind Yoga Class

Movement in the dark!

Whats a blind yoga class?

Angel Organic will be hosting a Blind yoga class at the wonderful Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place.

Yoga is a time where we unionize our mind and our bodies, where we strive to keep our energy and attention within the realms of our own skin. Taking a yoga class in the dark challenges our instincts, allows us to rely on our intuition more without the visual aids that we so depend on. It also gives us an opportunity to really feel what is there for us in a posture, without the self- judgment that can often creep in when we can see ourselves……or those practicing next to us.

Most yogis can admit to looking at the person on the mat next door and judging our own body against theirs, usually feeling that our own posture is inadequate, or wishing that our own body could be more flexible. A yoga class in the dark removes such visual judgement and allows us- forces us- to feel what is there, and to move within our own perception of what our boundaries are….not those of the other people in the room. Its a chance to truly feel, and to rely only on what we feel to guide us.

It also gives us an insight into the world of those without sight.

All funds raised will go towards Angel Organic’s Adaptive yoga program, where we give the gift of yoga to those who live with disabilities.

Blind Yoga Class

Saturday, May 4th 2013 at 5pm

2027 13th Street

Boulder, CO

Suggested Donation $5- $15