Decimal Operation


Deciamal Operation

If you see a decimal operation, don't worry, they are easy to do, keep reading and I will show you the steps for doing decimal operations.

Adding with deciamals

If you want to add using decimals, you need to align the decimal on a addition , and then add as alway, at the end pass the decimal point to the bottom and that will be the answer.
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Subtracting with deciamls

If you are subtracting decimals you need align deciamls, then do the same subtraction as always, and at the end put down the deciamls point, and that will give you the answer.
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Multiplying with decimals

To multiply with deciamls you do the normal operation as always, and at the end you count the decimals spaces and the numer that it gives you put the same spaces of decimals on the answer.
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Dividing with Decimals

To divide numbers with decimals you need to get rid of the deciaml of the number that its outside of the dividing sign, you count the spaces that it take you to get rid of the decimal, then you add that spaces on the decimal that is on the number inside the division sign, then you do the normal division.
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Dividing by whole number

To divide by hole number you need to do the normal division, and at the end you need to put up the decimal, and that will give you the answer.
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