By Gill Nunn


  • Water is an essential nutrient. It is essential to all forms of life.
  • About 55-65 percent of the human body is water by weight. Cells, tissues, and organs need water to function.
  • Helping with the digestion absorption, and transportation of nutrients.
  • Help with the elimination of waste through the kidneys, colon, and lungs.
  • Distributing heat throughout the body and allowing heat to be released through the skin by evaporation.
  • Lubricating joints and cushioning body tissues.
  • The human body can live a long time without many other nutrients, but only a few days without water.


  • W- water is an essential nutrient
  • A- about 55-65 percent in the human body
  • T- transportation of nutrients
  • E- essential to all forms of life
  • R- released through the skin by evaportation


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