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Lewin was an important contributor to the area of group dynamics. His concepts of life space, motivation, and conflict are all pertinent to today's work environment. He believed that a group can alter an individual's behavior. He studied the democratic, autocratic and laissez-faire leadership styles (Lewin, 2015).

Today's Workplace

Lewin's theories can be utilized in today's work environments. His change model consists of three parts; unfreeze, change and freeze (or refreeze). This model explains how people must be prepared for change first, they must be ready and motivated to change. Next the actual change occurs and finally the change must be solidified (Lewin's Change Model Example, n.d.). Keeping in mind Lewin's other research, an employer can assist individuals and the group as a whole when enacting change in the workplace. Utilizing the correct leadership approach, being mindful of the life space of the employees, their motivation factors and managing any conflicts will help workplace change processes.


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