Are School's Safe Enough?

Let's keep our school's safe!

Here are Some Ideas!

  • Crisis Plan and Prepared Training (I.E: Building Levels, Review of Plans & Drills, Teach Teachers and Students quick responsive questions)
  • Presence of School Security- Metal Detectors, Video Monitoring and Exit Door alarm system)
  • Asking people who they are before they come in.

Training Ideas!

  • Train Teachers, Staff and Students before the School year starts of what the evacuation plan will be and how they will handle it.
  • Tell students what parking lot they should be using. Schools should also tell the staff what parking spot they are going to be using.
  • Making sure that windows are closed at the end of the day.

Safety Ideas!

Where can you get these items?

Call 1800-Security_today! To get a FREE sample of each one of these items.