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Happy Sunday Stella Stars!

ROCK THE SUMMER challenge is in full swing! Are you “Steady & Solid” booking Trunk Shows every week through August or a “Rocket Ship” who is booking several shows in tight to earn your prizes right away?

If you missed this Monday’s kickoff call with April, it’s not too late to join in the fun – click here to listen to the recording. You have plenty of time to complete the weekly challenge for a chance to win $50 in Product Credits. The deadline is Sunday, 7/28 at 11:59 pm (PT) and three lucky winners will be announced on Monday’s call. Go to the Weekly Check In: Training Calls & Challenges section of the RTS challenge website to learn how YOU can participate!

And don't forget to post all of your newly booked August Shows on our Stella Stars Team Facebook page so that you can be entered to win the PEACOCK NECKLACE to add to your display. Every show booked through Sunday night at midnight gets you an entry to win!

And be sure to mark your calendar for next week’s RTS call:

Rock the Summer Rev-Up Call
Monday, July 29th
Dial: (800)747-5150 Access: 5276084#

15 minutes of inspiration and motivation to help you ROCK THE SUMMER and sell $1,000 between July 22 and August 4 to earn Level 1 – The Neeya Drop Earrings!

Good luck with prospecting and booking for July and August!



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Is the possibility of earning up to $400 in product from the Rock your Summer Challenge not enough? Ok... let me add something to sweeten the pot! How about a little statement piece?

This is an individual challenge BUT if you work better in pairs partner up and pace together.
Here are the details in order to participate
  1. Must sign up for the Rock your Summer Challenge
  2. Stella Stars 7 Days of Sunshine Summer Booking Challenge begins on Monday July 22nd- Sunday July 29th
  3. The challenge is simple... for every show you book for July or August you get an entry. Book 1= 1 entry, Book 10 in the next 6 weeks get 10 entries!!!!
  4. I'll start a post on our FB team page (if you're not on FB you can email me). Comment as you get shows and I'll add SUNSHINES to the poster board with your name on it. Let's ROCK THIS!!!!!

What's the loot?
The Peacock Statement Necklace

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This week’s Rock the Summer Checklist:

· Sign Up at to be eligible for weekly bonus prizes, text message updates, and more

· Fill out your RTS challenge plan based on your personal goal Rock the Summer Planner

· Join the kickoff call with April on Monday

Rock Your Summer Kick Off Call
Monday, July 22nd
Dial: (800)747-5150 Access: 5276084#

Let's Rock The Summer together! Join Leadership Development Director, April Price for a 15 minute kickoff call to hear how you can make the most of this exciting 6 week program. Let's get Inspired, Let's get Motivated and Let's ROCK THE SUMMER!

· Sell $1,000 between July 22 and August 4 and rock Level 1 – The Neeya Drop Earrings!

· Share your success stories, tips, and learnings with other Stylists - send your story or a short video to to have it posted on

I can’t wait to high five every one of you at the finish line! Let’s do this!