Texas Road Trip

By: Caroline McConnell

Day 1: Austin

Today in austin the first place I will be visiting the Bullock Texas state History Museum. This museum teaches you about all of the history about Texas. when i walked in there was this beautiful design on the floor , i could not take my eyes off of it. Then i made my way over to the I Max theater. The movie I saw was called Texas The Big Picture. It was amazing it had some really cool effects happen. There was this one part in the movie where it was talking about snakes and then all of the sudden something pops up in your seat and it scares you. After the movie i walked around all of the exhibits. One the first floor it talks about the past of Texas. On the 2nd floor it talks about Texas in the 1820's. Then on the 3rd floor it talks about Texas more in the 1900's. That museum was awesome but it was time to hit my next spot, the reggae music festival. Many people from around the come just to hear the music. When I went there the music was so good,some music just made you want to dance. My final stop in Austin is Zilker park. This park is dog friendly hiking, biking, kayaking, jogging, and a lot more. They also have many festivals there like the reggae festival and the kite festival. This park is so big the park is 351 acres. I got a picnic blanket and sat on the grass and relaxed for a little bit then i went kayaking it was so much and it was so relaxing.Wow I have done a lot today i am just whipped out but i had so much fun. Day one complete and just 7 more days to go.

Austin Pictures

Day 2: Galveston

Time to Take on the Day

Time to take on Galveston. The first place I will be going to is the Texas Seaport Museum. When I got there I wanted to go on the ship Elissa to learn more about the ship and the history. I got on the ship and they told us so many things about Elissa. She was launched in 1877 in Aberdeen Scotland. The ship lasted for 136 years. We walked around the ship and looked at all the decks and compartments. The ship had a port in Galveston.On july 2011 the U.S coastal Guard declared elissa not seaworthy. I have to say it was so much fun to go on the ship and feel like i went back in time. The activity i did was ride a ferry to crystal beach. I drove my can on to the boat and go out. When i got out of the car i could feel the cool breeze on my face. We left to doc and started on our 13 minute ride to crystal beach. I went to the front of the boat and all of the sudden dolphins jump out of the water and started to follow the boat i have never been that close to a dolphin before. I then went to the back of the boat and kids where feeding seagulls. I got a chip and held it as high as i could in the air then a seagull swooped down and took the chip right out of my hand. after that the boat was about to doc so everyone got in there car. We finally got to the doc and drove of the ferry i headed straight to crystal beach so I could get a spot. I got out of the car and got my stuff and went to go find a spot. I laid down my towel and sat and relaxed for awhile then I ran down to the water and started to swim. I played in the waves and then again out of the blew I see a dolphin in the horizon. This was turning out as such a great down. I played in the water for awhile then i got back on the ferry and it was time to hit my next location. I am going to the grand 1894 opera house. they have many show. they have comedy acts, Broadway shows musicals, dance. This place is called one of the finest theaters.Past performers include bill Cosby, Gregory peck, James earl Jones, Bernadette peters, and Willie nelson. I had a great day today.

Day 3: Fredsricksberg

today I will be going to fredericksburg. The first place i will be visiting is A german restaurant called Aislander Biergarten. when i saw the outside of the building i felt like i was in germany. i walked in and the place was decorated and looked so cool. When i ordered i got the chicken schnitzel. It is also called Haehnchenschenkel in germany. It is a hand breaded chicken breast breaded as a schnitzel and fried. And i have to say it was not that bad. Fredsrickesberghas a lot of german culurte in it with food the music and the clothes.My next stop was to co to the pioner musem. This place teaches you about fredericksburg back in the day and it tells you about how people had to live and the culture.They have this one exhibit that i went to and was about the firefighters back in the day. There fire trucks look like wagons and the building is so small compared to our fire department buildings. The next placed i looked at was the white oak school. it is a one room school and the desks and chairs are made of wood with a chalk board at the front of the room. It is so cool and strange to see how schools were back then and how they are now. This place was amazing and cool i felt like i was taken back in time. The last place in fredericksburg was the spotted pony ranch. When i got there i got saddled up and got on a horse and was ready to hit the trail. I we went on the trail we had a birds eye view of these beautiful hills and it just looked amazing i was shocked on how beautiful it is. While i was on the trail we would go up and down hills and see beautiful flowers and wildlife. It was so quiet up there that i was so relaxed what a great way to end the day.

Day 4: Abilene

Today I am in Abilene Texas .The first place I am going is Abilene state park.this place is absolutely beautiful.The first thing i did when I got there was go boating .it was so relaxing. Right after that i went fishing, they have so many activities like boating, swimming, fishing,hiking, and so many more.While i was hiking i saw a lot of wildlife. like deer, armadillos, and mocking birds.This place let you feel like a kid again and let you let go and just relax .The second place we went to was the grace museum. in this museum it tells about Abilene and west Texas in the 1880-1950’s. it shows there clothes from back then and an old shop called the boot shop. It also shows different art and pictures. They have scenes of old time kitchens and objects like old textiles, scrapbooks, yearbooks, vintage photographs, furniture, ephemera, personal correspondence, and maps. It is weird to see how things have changed over the years. The clothes they wear are so different and look sophisticated. The next place i will be visiting is the paramount theater. The theater was built in 1930. Just looking at it on the inside was amazing the seats are red and the stage is huge. It also has a movie screen that can be lowered. Around the screen they have Spanish-Moorish themed buildings. On the ceiling the out stars that shine and clouds.There are 1,199 seats in the theater. They do many different shows such as live theater, musicals, concerts, film, opera, and dance performances, private parties, dinners, and worship services. I had so much fun today. 4 cites done and 4 more to go.

Day 5 : Amarillo

The first thing i did was go to Cadillac ranch. It is sculptures of cars in a row and they are all paint it looks amazing. the front ends of the cars are sticking in the ground and the the part that is sticking out is spray painted and looks amazing. The sculptures who made it was Chip Lord, Hudson Marquez and Doug Michel. They were a part of a art group called ant farm. They reused junk Cadillac car to make this amazing piece of artwork. The artwork is located in a wheat field. This piece of art is so creative and amazing. The second place i will be visiting is the Amarillo Botanical Gardens. the gardens look so beautiful. when you walk in it is so colorful and amazing. There are so many different flowers and butterflies. They have rushing rivers and sculptures outside. They have a pond with lily pads in it and a mini waterfall. They also have their very own butterfly garden. I have never seen so many different flowers. This place was one of my favorites. The last place in Amarillo I will be visiting is the Texas air and space museum. It shows many different planes from over the years. It tells about the wars and space missions and all of the different air crafts. I got to see airports from back in the day it is amazing. The planes from back then are so different some of them are really small and look so different than are’s now. Amarillo is an amazing place and different from Coppell.

Day 6: Canyon

Today I am in canyon to take on another day of fun. I am headed to the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum. In this museum they have so many exhibits. The first exhibit i went to was the american Indian artifacts. Susan j. Allen gave the museum her collection in 1934. There were over 2,000 artifacts given. Some of the objects were baskets, bead work, pottery, paintings, silver, and katsina dolls.So many of the artifacts look warn but still are beautiful. It is cool how many things from long ago are so different and beautiful and how a lot of things were made by hand. The next exhibit I will be going to is called high fashion on the high plains. In this very fun exhibit shows all of the different clothes back in the day. In the exhibit they show thing such as silhouettes, fabrics, trims and designs. Some of the clothes have designer labels Charles Frederick Worth, Christian Dior and Chanel. I actually liked this museum because it had the fashion section. On to my next place.I will be going to the Palo Duro zip line. This big zip line can hold up to 5,00 lb wow. So the first thing is we got our gear on and got in a jeep to get to the launch tower. then you zip-line nearly a quarter of a mile across the canyon.it looks so beautiful from that view and the breeze in your face is amazing. You can also do a zip-line with three people side by side and have a race. when you get close to the end of the zip-line you see a landing pad. that is when the fun journey is about to end. This place was amazing just to see all of the canyons and wildlife was amazing. My last stop in canyon was the Texas outdoor musical. It is a family friendly show. They tell sing and dance on stage and tell stories from back in the day. i got a big taste of there culture all of the actors did really well and i thought like they brought it to life. In the show they have water and fire effects it was so cool. I loved visiting canyon. day 6 complete, only 2 more days until my amazing trip ends.

Zip Lining at Palo Duro Canyon

Day 7: Alpine

today i am in alpine. The first place i will be visiting is the museum of the big bend. This museum talks about natural history, human history and confluence of cultures in the Big Bend region. There are so many exhibits. Some of them are about the railroads, trade, cowboys, mining, big bend national park, buffalo soldiers, and the stage coach. This place also tells about the Indians and the Spanish. The exhibits make you feel like you have just gone back to the past. The next place i am visiting is Murphy St. Raspa Co. this place sells Mexican hot chocolate with whipped cream and cinnamon. when you walk in it feels so warm and cozy.They also have art in the front of the building, and kids like to hang out in the front of the building and eat ice cream or drink hot chocolate. There is this delicious flavor It's ice cream with raspa ice and flavoring . They also sell Delicious Mexican cookies, breads, cupcakes, fudge and lots of treats .The next place I am visiting is big bend national park. This place has beautiful trails and a nice breeze. a lot of wildlife comes here.There are so many different kinds of plants. This place just made you want to walk for hours and look at all the land forms. I had a good day today tomorrow is going to be a big day.last day tomorrow.

Museum of the Big Bend | Exhibit Hall Walkthrough

DAY 8: El paso

Today i am in el paso and the first place i am going is The Tigua Indian Cultural Center. this place tells you about the five centuries of rich Pueblo tradition. With native american dances,jewelry, artifacts, and timeless mementos to make it interesting and fun. They have a traditional bread called the tigua bread. This bread looks so delicious and soft. Their traditions are a lot different than ours it it is really cool to see the difference between the two. I have always wanted to know more about the tigua indians. there exhibit where great and that it was so cool. the next place i will be visiting is the Magoffin Home State Historical Park. I got to see some of the old artifacts that they said were found near the house in the ground. so many of these artifacts are so elegant and beautiful. I Then went on the Magoffin Historic District Walking Tour. I learned all about the architecture of the neighborhood and the interesting people who lived there over time. It is amazing to see how people lived back then. MY last place i am going to go on this amazing trip is Scenic Drive - Overlook. This let me see all of el paso and it was pretty amazing and a good way to end my day. You could see tall mountains and some wildlife i thought that this was so cool and beautiful. I had fun in el paso and i had fun traveling around texas for 8 days i can't believe my journey is over. This is something i will never forget.