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Meeting Highlights - June 12, 2017

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Board Members take Oath of Office

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New Zone 7 Board Member Member Tom Colett joined returning Board Members Susan Greenberg, Anne Bryan, Donna Tyner and LeeAnn Larsen in taking the Oath of Office at Monday's meeting.

New Public Safety Director Sworn In

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Rick Puente, who was recently hired as the District's new Public Safety Director, was sworn in at Monday's School Board Meeting. Puente joins the District from the Woodburn Police Department. He is currently President of the Oregon Peace Officers Association.

Title IV Internal Review - Progress Update

Administrator for Government Relations David Williams provided the Board with a progress report on the District's internal review of Title IX compliance. Title IX protects people from discrimination based on sex in education programs that receive federal funding.

The District is using two key approaches to ensure compliance with Title IX. The first is a set of trainings that will be tailored to ensure that key individuals are fully versed on what Title IX is and what true compliance means. The second is a targeted internal review of the District's high school athletic programs.

The District is working with the Oregon Department of Education and the Oregon School Activities Association to conduct the review. Representatives from all three entities conducted site visits recently at each of the six comprehensive high schools. The group is also conducting a programmatic analysis.

District Complaint Process

Camellia Osterink, BSD General Counsel, provided the Board with an update on a review of complaint policies and procedures. The review has primarily focused on determining the clarity and user-friendliness of these procedures. The internal review team is composed of the General Counsel, Public Communications Officer and Administrator for Government Relations.

A uniform complaint form has been created for nearly all complaint policies. The form will be downloadable from the District website and will be electronically fillable. It will, however, still require one to print and return the form either physically or electronically.

The internal team will continue to meet to further refine the processes and procedures as they get implemented.

Administrative Boundary Adjustments

The Board voted to approve four separate Administrative Boundary Adjustments. In December 2015, the Board approved the transfer of 240 acres of land in the South Cooper Mountain annexation area from Hillsboro School District to Beaverton School District. The transfer is effective July 1, 2017.

Administrative Boundary Adjustment #1 assigns the land swap area to appropriate Beaverton School District attendance boundaries. The students living in that area will attend Hazeldale Elementary School and Conestoga Middle School.

Administrative Boundary Adjustment #2 transfers an area currently assigned to Nancy Ryles Elementary to Hazeldale Elementary to accommodate future growth in the South Cooper Mountain community. The boundary adjustment affects a handful of students, as the area is currently sparsely populated, consisting of agricultural lands and large-lot developments. Those affected students will be offered the option to remain at Nancy Ryles.

Administrative Boundary Adjustment #3 seeks to minimize future overcrowding at Nancy Ryles Elementary due to new residential growth in the southwest portion of the Beaverton School District. A portion of the Nancy Ryles attendance boundary will be transferred to the Cooper Mountain Elementary School. The boundary adjustment affects a handful of current Nancy Ryles students. Those students will be offered the opportunity to remain at Nancy Ryles. Students who move into the area after the date of the boundary adoption will attend Cooper Mountain.

Administrative Boundary Adjustment #4 pertains to a new apartment complex in the Nancy Ryles and Scholls Heights elementary area. The vacant land is currently split between the two schools. The boundary adjustment will put all of the students in the complex in the Nancy Ryles attendance boundary.

Public Comment

The Board heard testimony on the following topics:

  1. Equitable funding for more school counselors and school libraries
  2. An update from the Beaverton Education Association
  3. An update from the Oregon School Employees Association
  4. Administrative boundary adjustment concerns
  5. Title VI Indian Education Program Act funding
  6. Support for elementary Library Instructional and Technology Teachers
  7. REAP Inc., a non-profit operating at Aloha HS to encourage leadership
  8. Equitable Music education funding
  9. Concerns over facility use fees

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Springville K-8

Springville K-8 Principal Robin Kobrowski says school staff have been busy preparing students for the upcoming school year, when hundreds of Springville students will be transitioning to the new Sato Elementary School. Kobrowski recognizes it is a necessary step to relieve overcrowding at Springville.

She thanked District leaders for the decision to temporarily move the Springville 6-8 option program to the new middle school on 118th in the Timberland community this year. The move has allowed for quality learning spaces for all students. "While it is challenging, it has really allowed for both of our programs to thrive," says Kobrowski. The option program will return to Springville for the 2017-2018 school year.

Kobrowski stressed that the rapid growth and overcrowding are just one part of the Springville story. She highlighted the school's Expeditionary Learning (EL) program, which includes rigorous and engaging curriculum through inquiry-based teaching techniques and a school culture that teaches compassion and good citizenship.

Springville is one of 10 pilot schools for the 2017-2017 school year in the "Culture of Care" program. The program focuses on addressing behaviors related to trauma and mental health.

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Individual School Board Member Comments

Board Member Donna Tyner was a judge at the "We the People" event at Sexton Mountain Elementary School. The event simulates congressional hearings. She also attended a meeting about development in south Hillsboro and is concerned about the impact the development will have on nearby Beaverton schools.

Board Member Susan Greenberg expressed her gratitude to be starting her 2nd term on the School Board. She thanked her family for their support.

Board Vice Chair Becky Tymchuk participated in mock interviews at Southridge High School, as well as two end-of-the-year AVID celebrations.

Board Member LeeAnn Larsen attended the graduation ceremonies for the Health and Science High School and the School of Science and Technology.

Board Member Tom Colett expressed his willingness to listen and learn during his first year on the School Board. He attended the "We the People" event at Sexton Mountain, as the Raleigh Hills K-8 Future Night. Tom also toured the new Sato Elementary School.

Board Member Eric Simpson celebrated his 20th season coaching track at Sunset High School.

Board Chair Anne Bryan directed the Board's attention to a new section in the agenda containing information items. She also attended passages events, as well as the graduation ceremony for the Arts & Communication Magnet Academy.

Other Reports, Discussion & Action

  • Election of School Board Chair & Vice Chair

  • Student Advisory Committee Report

  • First reading of School Board Policy EFA

The full packet with meeting materials can be found on BoardBook.

Directors: Anne Bryan (Chair), Becky Tymchuk (Vice Chair), Susan Greenberg,

LeeAnn Larsen, Eric Simpson, Donna Tyner, Tom Colett

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Disclaimer: This publication does not represent the official minutes of the Board of Diretors' meeting. Minutes are recorded by the Board Recording Secretary and included in the consent agenda of the following month's Board packet; they become official after the Board votes to approve the consent agenda during the next regular meeting.

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