Stillman College

& it's history

How Stillman began & progressed

Stillman College was first authorized by The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in 1876.

It held its first classes in 1876.

The school was chartered as a legal corporation by the State of Alabama in 1895

It is known as one of the Historically Black Colleges

In 1895 it changed its name from Tuscaloosa Institute to Stillman Institute

In 1898 the Presbyterian General Assembly approved the relocation to a larger campus & in 1899 it approved the admission of women

In the early 20th century the curriculum expanded & improved.Between 1930 & 1946 the college added many new programs. In 1937 it was accredited by the State of Alabama as a junior college.

In 1951 the graduates of that year earned the first bachelor's degrees granted by the college.

Stillman is located in the State of Alabama

It is on the west side of the city Tuscaloosa , Alabama

It has over 2000 students attending.

It has been called one of the most 15 wired colleges

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