The Roar

Characterization Vacation of a Major Character: Grace Howat

Character Description

The main character is Mika. He is a 12 year old boy part Indian part Italian , with fine bones, long limps, silky jet black hair, and deep dark eyes intense with passion and intelligence . He has unusual webbed feet due to pollution.

Mika is a quiet boy that would do anything for his sister. Since he was a mutant kids would make fun of him so he didn't have many friends. He could feel connections between him and his twin sister. He also wants to have a chance with nature although the generations before had destroyed it.


If Mika were to go on vacation he would take........

The picture of two lions that his sister drew. I know this because the book said "He wanted to take something of hers for luck, so he took down her favorite holopic: a picture of a mountain lioness playing with her cubs over rocks, in the shelter of a low limbed tree." He took this picture places when he needed luck and seems attached to it.

He would bring his companion (phone). the book says" " Give me your companion," Mal Gorman demanded, holding out his hand. "My companion?" Mika repeated hesitantly." This shows Mika is slightly attached to his companion and would want to keep it with him.

He would bring mix fit although he doesn't like it. " They say I have to remind you to take the capsules." He drinks mix fit and takes the capsules because he doesn't want to create suspicion because he being watched. So he would take this on vacation because his sort of has to.