Ngaere School

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Wednesday 5th December

From the Board Chair

Hi everyone,

We had our last Board meeting for the year last week; the end of the year is definitely fast approaching! This meeting, Megan presented some of our end of year student achievement data (analysis of variance) , specifically the reading and writing results. It was fantastic to see such significant gains across all year groups and this is a wonderful reflection on all the hard work that our teachers and teacher aides have been putting in. Thank you to all our teaching staff and of course, our successful students – well done!

Thank you to all who responded to our recent communication survey. We had a good response and it has given us some useful data to review and consider going forward. We will keep you updated on our progress.

We are still working on the Charter and budget for next year and will have this ready early in the new year.

We’re all excited to see the production this week – I’ve certainly been hearing lots about it from our kids. There’s been a huge effort from everyone to get it on stage – good luck kids and as they say in showbusiness - ‘break a leg’!

See you all next week at the end of year prizegiving.


(Board Chair)

Swimming Pool

The pool is being maintained at a very warm temperature for people to enjoy! Please help keep it that way by ensuring the pool cover is put on at the end of the day. It costs the board over $2000 to keep the pool running over the summer holidays and putting the cover on can help make things more economical.

If you want a key for over the summer, please see Jenny before Friday 14th Dec. Cost $50 with $10 bond (returned when you return your key).

Year 8 Day Out

Our year 8 students enjoyed a great day last Friday, beginning with participation, along with 2000 other Taranaki students at the TAG Oil Tough Kids event in New Plymouth. They then went on to enjoy the challenge of ten pin bowling, pizza and home again. A huge thank you to the parents who provided transport and supervision on the day.

The winning entries for the programme cover competition

Mindcraft the Musical

There are still tickets available for both the matinee (11.30am) and evening (7pm) performances of the school production but there is no guarantee that seats will still be available on the evening. See Jenny in the office to secure a ticket before Thursday.

Children are to arrive at the Eltham Town Hall at 6.30pm and before 6.45pm please, already dressed in costume.

School Reports

School reports will be sent home with the eldest in each family on Tuesday 11th Dec. These will also include an indication of class / room for 2019. Any questions or concerns are to be directed to me please.

Snack Time

We have been trialing regular snack breaks in a couple of classes this term. This has been partly to combat 'brain fatigue' in those children who may have skipped breakfast.

Here are what two girls have had to say about it.


Before we started snacks I felt tired, hungry, exhausted and felt lethargic.

For snacks I try to eat healthy and try to not eat much. The next day I would try to focus but I can’t and when I eat it gives me lots of energy but when snacks came around I wasn't hungry and exhausted.

When snacks first came around I was happy because I wasn't lethargic anymore or exhausted. Having snacks makes me feel energised. I like seeing other people having snacks because I like to see them happy.

I think for next year snacks should keep going so it makes people happy and not hungry. I do recommend snacks for next year.

Emma D

Keep the Snacks!

I believe that we should keep having snacks during class time and these are the reasons why.

In terms 1,2 and 3 I would often go home tired, sluggish, grumpy or low on energy because I wasn’t eating enough food or drinking enough water. It did not just affect me but also those surrounding me. I would find it hard paying attention in class and concentrating on my work.

Now that we are having snack times I am doing much better in class and my family an friends have noticed a BIG difference. I’m much more cheerful and i’m focusing lots more in class and getting more work done.

I would recommend that the whole school has snack time next year because it will really help us students do better in our learning. I think juniors should have certain times but us seniors decide when they want to have a snack because we seniors know when we are hungry.

These are my reasons for why we should as a school have snacks.

By Emma S.


6 Dec Matinee 11.30am / Evening Performance 7pm

10 Dec Bus Warden training

11 Dec Reports home

12 Dec Helper's Morning Tea 10.30am

13 Dec End of Year Prize Giving 7pm Stratford High School Hall

14 Dec 'Big Day In' - End of year celebration

14 Dec Last day for buses

17 Dec Clean up day - optional school day for students. School closes 12.30pm

30 Jan 2019 Term 1 begins - buses operating

PTA Update

Silage will be baled soon. Please register interest at the office. You will be contacted when it is ready.

Christmas Raffle - Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this fundraiser raffle. Tickets on sale at Production and also end of year Prize Giving. $2 a ticket. Drawn on evening 13th Dec.