Child Abuse

March 2016| Mia Latigo


Being scared of the first day of school is one thing, but at least it doesn’t last forever. What if being afraid to go home was the one thing that feels that lasts forever. This is what it is like for children that are victims of child abuse. From symptoms, to the causes, and cures of child abuse, this unfortunate situation comes with a painful process.


These symptoms of child abuse vary from behavior to injuries. Most children that are being abused usually don’t tell anyone until the situation becomes severe or they just accidently bring it up. Behavioral symptoms might be increase in nightmares, attempts to run away, fearness of parents or caregivers, crying when it is time to go home, random fears, bigger appetites, stealing food, dramatic gain weights or weight loss, social withdrawal, and school failure. Many of the physical symptoms could be headaches and stomachaches with no medical cause, unexplained cuts, burns, bite marks, broken bones, and black eyes ( "What to Know about Child Abuse." N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Feb. 2016. ). Even though many of these symptoms can just be on accident or coming from emotional phases, if these symptoms happen to appear constantly, assistance should be asked for immediately. Not only do children show signs of abuse, but the abuser might do so too. These symptoms could be no explanation for the child’s injuries, describes the child in negative terms, and uses unnecessary or harsh discipline. But even with all these symptoms, there will always be a reason for these acts of an abuser.

Causes for Child Abuse

The main causes for an adult to abuse a child can come from many personal reasons. Whenever an abuser decides to actually abuse a child, it can come from stress. The stress of the crying of the child, or the stress of work, or even just not wanting to take care or be with the child. It all has to do with the mindset of the abuser and how they control it. Another cause can be the anger of the abuser. Many times they can have anger towards another person that has nothing to do with the child, but they lash out at them because they're just in their way. The anger can come from how annoyed they can get from the child and they simply cannot handle it anymore ( Doctor, Ronald M., and Frank N. Shiromoto. "child physical abuse (CPA)."Health Reference Center. Facts On File, Inc. Web. 2 Feb. 2016. ). The last reason for why abuse can be caused is because of an abusive relationship the abuser might of had in the past as a child. Seeing the child they may be looking after could overwhelm them with memories of the past and they just snap. The causes of child abuse are endless, but these seem to be the most common.

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A main cure for child abuse that occurs in their home, is to put the child into fostercare. As well as putting both the parents and child into therapy. But, if the abuser may not be in the family or is not the parent, then keeping the child as far away as possible, or supervising when the two are together, is strongly suggested. As the website,, from the American Academy of Pediatrics puts it, “if the child has been abused, the parent may be the only person who can help them.” : If a therapist or pediatrician is not successful in curing the child, then sometimes the parent or someone very close to the child may be the only one able to help.


In conclusion, the symptoms, causes, and cures of child abuse all are the big process to the child abuse itself. Not only does child abuse affect the child being abused, but it affects everyone related and close to the child. Being abused can be one of the most lonliest times in their life, especially when no one will listen or show any care. But, when people take the time to understand, watch, and listen to the abused child, being alone won’t be as much of a strong feeling.