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Honoring the Writer

In this video, Lucy speaks to building a culture of writing in your classroom by speaking directly to students. Notice she follows the architecture of a mini-lesson.

Takeaways from the video:

  • Treating the writing as a treasure, reading it with pride.
  • Words on the page have power.
  • Listen to and respect the writing of others.

*If you choose not to view the video with your class, the message is still important to share.

Being a Good Writer: Writing tips and strategies from Lucy Calkins


Here are some takeaways from part two of the professional learning course from February's early release.

Survey data analysis:

  • 80% of responders acknowledged that the Units of Study mini-lessons prepare their students for writing

"I enjoy the framework of the mini-lesson."

  • 35% would like additional information in student partnerships (topic of March professional learning)

"I need a little more help in fitting in collaboration time."

  • 47% of responders are comfortable with conferring. (This will be the focus of district professional learning next year.)

"I'm getting more confident with conferring, but I'm not a pro yet."

Your professionalism was noted by administrators. They appreciated your responses in the course along with your ongoing participation on the discussion boards. If you would like to continue to dialogue with colleagues, the course discussions are still active.

Schoology course: HSSD Literacy Professional Learning Access Code: 9S2M3-GGP2P

The Power of Purposeful Reading by Cris Tovani

"If we want our students to wrestle with meaning and work hard to comprehend, teachers will have to limit the scope of reading tasks by making purpose explicit."

~Cris Tovani

Highlights from Cris Tovani's article, The Power of Purposeful Reading:

  • Identifying the purpose for reading helps students negotiate challenging text.
  • Build background knowledge to help students navigate difficult text, without this students tend to over highlight in text because they think everything is important.
  • Encourage students to make personal connections with text.

See below for helpful hints from the article.

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Take Charge of your Learning

Join us for HSSD Foundations of Literacy! Sign up in MyLearningPlan to reserve your spot.

*If videos are restricted, open in Safari.

K-4 Foundations of Literacy
5-8 Foundations Of Literacy 3

Owning Our Own Learning

If you haven't had a chance to read the HSSD TLC blog, here's the latest post:

Professional PLNs

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Moving Forward with the Units of Study

2016-2017 Expectations

Classrooms will continue to utilize the writer’s workshop structure

  • follow the mini-lesson format
  • mid-workshop teaching point and share
Continue to administer on-demand writing
  • before and after each unit
  • score using Units of Study rubrics
  • use information to drive instruction and form small groups
Teach each spiral in the units of study at least once

Develop and refine conferring

  • student checklist
  • goal setting

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