White Army

BY: Rohina Aslam


  • The Battle of Cowshed is represented by the Russian Revolution

  • There were 2 main political parties during the russian revolution

  • The Red army vs White Army

Russian Civil War

The Russian Civil War occurred right after the forcible abdication the Russian tsar in 1917 by the Bolsheviks during the October Revolution. After the overthrowing the tsar the Bolsheviks took over and started imposing their communistic ideals. The army of the Bolsheviks consisted of about 83% of the tsars former soldiers and the rest were either volunteers or forcibly placed soldiers, which lead to the formation of the Red Army. In response to the reign of the Bolsheviks and the tyranny of the Red Army, the opposition started collectively revolting, which lead to the formation of the White Army.

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Red Army

  • Bolsheviks

  • sided with Vladimir Lenin

  • supported communism

White Army

  • anyone who opposed of the Red Army

  • included monarchists, militarists, and for a period of time western powers

  • had more people relative to the Red Army

The End Result

  • The three year civil war ended when the Red Army took power in 1921.

  • They took power over the massive White Army by imposing communist ideals onto the people, which mostly affected the lower working class.

  • This meant that farmers in rural areas had to surrender their crops to the government without payment

  • Factory workers were forbidden to strike and were under the careful watch of the military.

  • This helped gain victory for the Red army, but caused many problems in the future such as famine which took the lives of about 7.5 million Russians.

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Connection to Animal Farm

  • The Battle of Cowshed is symbolic of the Russian Revolution.

  • Mr. Jones was representation of the White Army and the animals were the Red Army.

  • Western reinforcements were symbolized as Mr. Pilkington and Mr. Frederick


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