Life with Cancer

Enhance the quality of life of those affected by cancer

Mission and Involvement

Life with Cancer's mission is to enhance the quality of life of those affected by cancer by providing education, information, and support. Their services include patient and family support, patient and family education, mind-body/wellness programs, speaker bureau/community outreach, and grief and bereavement support. You can attend and join classes, groups, individual counseling programs and other various monthly activities. You can also support them through the Inova Health System, by donating a wig, donating money, participating in fundraisers and special events, and just by word of mouth.

Helping the Population in Need

There are many cancer charities that are looking for donations that go towards cancer research, cancer patient/family support, and treatment and care. In addition, there are many support groups and hospitals looking for age appropriate volunteers to do various tasks to either help this population or help others help this population in an extremely significant way. Some of these organizations include Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation, Life with Cancer, American Cancer Society, ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation, Inova Fairfax Hospital, and St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. Of course, helping patients and families that are grappling with cancer can go far beyond donating and volunteering for specific organizations. Do you know someone who might be suffering from cancer? Take the extra step and try to imagine what you would want others to do for you if you were in their situation, and then do it!

My Experience

My responsibility was to summarize class evaluations. Reading some of the comments that patients wrote about how Life with Cancer helped them find a reason to keep fighting to live was moving in such inspirational ways. The work was tedious and not particularly amusing and I wanted to have client interaction which was not possible due to my age, but I learned that these little tasks support Life with Cancer so that they can continue to work to improve the lifestyle of those living with cancer. Life with Cancer is a critical piece of many cancer patients' lives. Through summarizing class evaluations I recognized the differences in the patients, and how their struggles were evident in their writing and how hard they were searching for a reason to press on. But this did not make them any less "normal", in fact, it only made them seem more human. This population in need is one that might not be recognized for who they are: people. They are not ghosts or sickened or lifeless, and not enough people realize this.
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