The Golden Age of Civilizations

The Golden Age of Greece

The Golden Age of Greece

Greece experienced the Golden Age which was rich with art, music, books, philosophy,plays,dramas, education,games, military and government.The Golden Age was so rich with culture it still impacts the world today

Greece Experienced a Golden Age in Architecture

Acropolis- Many different temples that were built to the Greek Gods; the buildings were located in Athenis

Image of Acropolis

Parthenon-Greek temple made for the Goddess Athena located in the acropolis in Athens

Image of Parthenon

Greece experienced a golden age in Philosophy


One of the greatest Greek philosophers/thinker who encouraged people to think for themselves. One of the methods he encouraged was for people to continue to ask questions about everything

Socrates Quote

By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you'll become happy; if you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher.

Plato-Great Greek philosopher who achieved the creation of the first institution of higher "Love is a serious mental disease"

Aristole- Greek philosopher who was a student in Plato's

Gupta Empire Golden Age

Golen Age in Government

Leader during the Golden Age was Chandra Gupta II

-Lead for 40 year using peaceful means.


-Marriage Alliances

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Golden Age in Math and Science


-discovered Earth was round using eclipses

-calculated the solar year


-Developed the concept of zero

-Decimal System

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Golden Age in Medicine


They discovered that the Earth was round using eclipses and calculated the solar year.

Image of the Solar Year


-Developed the concept of zero

-Created the decimal system


Golden Age in Medicine:

-plastic surgery


Image of Plastic Surgery

Golden Age in Trade:

-The Gupta Empire becomes the middlemen in trade between Asia and Europe

Traded on silk road

Rome Golden Age in Government Law and Military

Government - During this time notably had "5 good emperors" who kept peace and increased the power of Rome.

Roman Law - The Roman made great advances in law. Roman law was found in 12 tablets some of what stated:

- All men were equal under the law

- Those accused could face their accuser

- Those accused were innocent until proven guilty

- You can only be punished by actions not thoughts

Roman Military - Rome's military had armored cavalry units, units, siege weapons and a well trained militia called the Roman Legion,

- Praetorian Guard: an elite group of soldiers to protect the Roman Empire

Image of Roman military

Rome Golden Age in Architecture

Romans were leaders of construction using arches, columns, domes, and concrete.

Pantheon - Built as a Roman temple dedicated to the gods. The building displayed a mastery of architecture with massive arches and a huge dome.

Colosseum - Largest Amphitheater ever built in the Roman Empire. It held 50,000 spectators. It was used mostly for gladiators games for 500 years

Baths of Caracalla - Public bathing was an important part of Roman social life in the Golden Age, it was a place to relax and meet with friends.

Rome Golden Age in Infastructure

Roads - The Romans built long straight roads totaling about 53,000 miles. The roads connected the Roman Empire to major regional centers. Used for military, trade and travel.

Aqueducts - Aqueducts were constructed to bring in fresh water to the Roman cities, private homes and public baths.

Romans also developed indoor plumbing to take waste away from homes.