Samantha DeGuida

Non-Renewable or Renewable?

Geothermal is a Renewable Energy Resource. Geothermal's energy is the heat from the earth, Its clean and substainable.

Where is it found on earth or is it produced with technology in a factory?

How does it work to produce energy for individuals and whole groups or communities?

The Geysers, in California, is the world’s largest producer of renewable geothermal power, the dry stream field. Also Iceland gets 90 % of its heat for homes and public buildings by directing hot water from the earth into a system of pipes under the streets. Natural hot water is also used in swimming pools, washing machines, and showers. Large greenhouses heated by the earth’s hot water make it possible for Icelanders to grow fruits and vegetables that would otherwise never survive in the bare, cold countryside. Part way across the world, Klamath Falls, Oregon, uses geothermal district heating systems — heating that runs through areas of town called districts. Neither city has much need for air conditioning.

Are there products created or other uses for this energy?

With current technology, geothermal power plants can only be built where steam or hot water geothermal sources exist. Scientists are working on ways to create cost efficient power plants that can use the geothermal sources created from the earth's magma.

Who uses it now?

Supplies more than 10,000 MW to 24 countries worldwide. Produces enought electricity to supply 60million people.Geothermal energy has helped developing countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Mexico

Is it expensive?

Geothermal Heating