2B Happenings!

Working hard and having fun in 2B!

Dear 2B Family,

It's a busy weekend ahead!! I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow morning as the students make their First Reconciliation! I hope the students are feeling at ease with the process, and prepared! I hope to see you all again at Open House on Sunday - we'll be here from 9am-1pm. If students come to Mass in uniform and sign in to their classrooms they will receive a Free Dress / Western Dress day on Friday!

A heads up for next week... Monday, 7th grade will be launching a drive to gather donations benefiting our local homeless population. Donations will be bundled and brought to Catholic Charities. First and Second grades are entrusted with sending in razors, lotion, full size toothpaste, toothbrushes and/or small bottles of bug spray. Any thing in any amount that you could send in would be appreciated. Flyers will go home on Monday.

This week in ELA

This week we read all about Officer Buckle and Gloria! The kids did a phenomenal job this week with the story, and are really making great connections and working hard to find information in the text!

They also worked very hard on a surprise writing project!! ;)

Spelling Words

This week's spelling words are compound words:

cannot / maybe / outside / playground / into / classroom / myself / nobody / baseball / inside / sunlight / everywhere / beehive / upstairs / seesaw

Sentences due Wednesday.

This week in Math

We have wrapped up our work on Subtraction, for now. :) Next up, we'll be covering geometry. However, we continue to reinforce our math fact practice and understanding with Flash to Pass and our Subtraction Station. They're doing very well!

This week in Science

This week we spent some time talking about recycling and caring for God's Creation. We did a fun and interesting experiment - we made paper!!!! :) It was a little messy, but that's how science rolls here in 2B! The students' paper samples should be dry and ready to pickup at Open House!!

This week in Religion

Our main focus this week has been working through First Reconciliation in detail, so that the students approach the sacrament without fear or anxiety. They'll be a little nervous, that's normal of course. We have done a few "mock" confessions, and Fr. Mike came to visit on Thursday to help put their mind at ease as well. First Reconciliation is Saturday at 10am, please be 15 minutes early.

First Reconciliation

Saturday, Jan. 30th, 10am

1200 South Davis Drive

Arlington, TX

First Reconcilation

Reminders from our school nurse!

A short reminder from our school nurse as the season of flu, strep, stomach bugs and all the rest is firmly upon us. Please remember and remind your students to wash their hands frequently (as they have heard me say daily, "Fronts, backs and between the fingers - soap is your friend!") and thoroughly. Also, good nutrition - lots of fruits and vegetables, and a balanced and healthy diet, is one of your best defenses!

Should your child be ill, please remember they should stay home until they have been fever, vomit, and/or diarrhea free for at least 24 hours. If you're concerned about homework or classwork in the case of a more prolonged illness, I can prepare and send work home with a sibling or have ready in the office at your convenience.

Catholic Schools' Week!

Please join us for Open House & Spaghetti Dinner on Jan 31, and be ready for a week full of fun activities celebrating CATHOLIC SCHOOLS!! Thank you for your choice to send your children to our wonderful parish school, and for all you do to make our school awesome!!!

Catholic Schools' Week is not just for prospective families - it's to celebrate YOU and your students!! YOU are what make our school great! Please plan to attend our Open House. Here's the week's itinerary:

Sunday 1/31: Celebrating our Parish

Open House 9am - 1 pm (come visit me and see what your kids have been up to!)

Science Fair will be on display in the Cafetorium

Spaghetti "Dinner": 10am - 3pm

Students should plan to attend Mass at SMG in their school Mass uniform. Students who sign in to their *classroom* during Open House will receive a Western Dress or Free Dress on Friday.

Monday 2/1: Celebrating our Community

Donation drive kickoff for the homeless (more details will follow)

Students may wear their favorite team jersey to school

Tuesday 2/2: Celebrating Students

Our 2nd Grade field trip to Bass Hall - Mass Uniform Required

Parents are invited to come and have lunch with their students.

Free tennis shoe day - 2nd grade may change into fun sneakers after the field trip.

Wednesday 2/3: Celebrating our Nation

Students may wear patriotic socks. (red/white/blue)

Tell your friends & family - Kindergarten and PK Coffee & Information in the Library from 8-10am

Thursday 2/4: Celebrating Vocations

Alumni Mass / Mass Dress

Members of various religious communities (sisters, priests) to visit classrooms.

Friday 2/5: Celebrating Faculty and Staff

Western Dress and Free Dress for Students who attended Mass/Open House in uniform

Teachers v. 8th Grade Volleyball game at 10am (I'll be playing vs. my son David, wish me luck!)