Don't get sick during flu season

By: Melleah and Lily

The bug will bite you!

Nobody likes getting sick. I don't know about you but getting sick while the temperature is still cold. Isn't very fun. There are many things that you do every day that can make you sick. If you touch your eyes or your mouth, germs can get into your system

Don't touch anything!

The most common way to get sick is by touching your mouth, or a part of your face. Germs can enter through your mouth, nose, ears, or eyes. When germs enter your body, They invade your cells, and can get you really sick!

Different illnesses

There are many sicknesses you can get during cold and flu season.

You can get the flu which is mostly caused by getting it from someone else.

You may also get a cold which is caused by not wearing a jacket outside.


Pneumonia is a sickness you can catch from not being warm. It is a sickness of the lungs. a part of your body that you use to breath. This sickness can be worse with Asthma. Pneumonia is caused when the mucus from you being cold stops up your lungs. This can make it very hard to breath. If not cured, you can die from Pneumonia.

What to do if you are sick!!!

Even though this smore shares ways to not get sick, It's very important you know what to do incase you are sick. It depends on the sickness to know what to do. For example, If your home sick with the stomach bug, Make sure you stay in bed and drink ginger ale or another soda or fizzy drink. If you have the flu, make sure you stay in bed and don't touch other people. you don't want to spread the flu!!

How do you know if you are sick

There are man ways to tell if you are or getting sick. If you're coming down with the common cold, you may start coughing a lot or having a runny nose. You also sneeze a lot. If it's the stomach bug, or flu you know your sick if you have a bad head ache or stomach ache. You may feel queasy, dizzy, nauseous or you may feel like throwing up. But if need need to learn to not get sick, click below!


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