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Lessons Learned from Other Educators


In order to "jump start" blogging in the district I work in, they have developed the DCSD Blog Challenge. A new topic is posted every Sunday evening for the week with the hopes of having more and more teachers dive into the blogging realm. If you're interested in reading more, you can check out #DCSDblogs, or visit the Showcase Page on the DCSD Blogs website. This week's topic is simply titled, " Teachers Learning from Teachers," that asks us to write about something we've learned from other educators that we've been in contact with throughout our teaching career.

Motivating Students Role Model

Ever since I wanted to become a teacher, I have reflected on the wonderful teachers I've had over the years that I attempt to imitate. One particular teacher, who's still in the district today is Ms. Woolley. She was my 6th grade Language Arts teacher at Walcott and is currently at Mid CIty High School. Looking back on her class, she had this amazing way of motivating even the shyest of students (like me). Her demeanor was like no other and as I continue on in my young career, I hope to be half the motivator she was in her classroom to inspire students to be the best they can be.

There's More than One Way to WalMart

When I was in my Human Relations class at Northern Iowa, we had this lady who would assist the professor from time to time. One day, she told the story about when her grandson first learned to drive and the family decided to have him drive to the local WalMart since it was close and he could be on his own. However, shortly into the trip, he was no longer in sight. They continued to WalMart in hopes he was just a few cars ahead and unable to be seen. What had happened was that he had beaten them there by taking a different route. She connected this to everyday class because we know each student can reach the end result. It's how they get there that's the unique part. So, next time a student discovers their own path to an answer, remember, "there's more than one way to Walmart!"

The Twitterverse is Awesome!

Two Christmases ago, I asked for and was gifted the book Ditch That Textbook by Matt Miller. After reading it, I was awed at how easy some of his ideas were to implement into the classroom. I then discovered the Twitter chat for it, where I participated several weeks and months in a row. So much so that I moderated a chat solo! I have now been added to the moderator group chat on Twitter and the amount of information shared and learned from this fantastic group of educators is astonishing. They are easily some of the nicest, most passionate, and giving people I've met through Twitter. Please join us using #ditchbook on Twitter and you, too, can benefit such as I have!

You CAN Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

I love my job. I love my position. I love everything I get the opportunity to do on a regular basis. One of my favorite things to do is inspire teachers to incorporate technology into their curriculum to engage students further and increase learning. I have to tip my "teacher hat" to Mr. Tom Hill, a social studies teacher, the AD at Sudlow, and a huge Chicago White Sox fan. I sold him on Google Drive and Docs and their ease of use in the classroom. After a minor snafu, he has taken off with this technology integration piece and is 100% digital and really doing some admirable projects with his students. He once told me, "ya know, this has kind of revitalized my teaching career!" That was the best compliment I've gotten since taking this position. So, in all of this, I can only hope that as I advance further into my career I am able to continue to revitalize myself, just as Tom has, so my students continue to benefit from my excitement in each of my remaining teaching days.

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