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Buddhism, a belief system and a way of life first started in 520 BCE by Siddhartha Gautama, son of King Suddhodana of Sakya. Many recall Buddhism a religion, little do they know no God is present, therefore it is not a religion, but a lifestyle. It's purpose is to help man kind get through suffering and accept the fact that death, illness, and aging all takes place in the world. As the Buddah (Siddhartha) began to move to the South, his beliefs spread with him. He spoke to many people in Western and Southern parts of Asia, leading them to expand Buddhism. The "Four Noble Truths" are the main concepts of this system, which some of its beliefs include; Everyone suffers, therefore it is universal,

Desiring is what leads to suffering,

As the desires end, suffering will lead to Nirvana,

and finally you must follow the Eightfold Path. Three major books or "holly" books are Pali Canon, Mahayana Sutras, and the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Their practices all depends on the culture and traditions of their country, some such as meditation, chanting, vegetation prayers apply for all cultures. The Ten Commandments known as their code of conduct is how a Buddist lives, if broken, they will go through so much.

By practicing Buddhism, the people who follow must stay violent-free and open minded. According to the Buddha's beliefs, wanting more and more will only lead to suffering which is the main concept of Buddhism; to avoid suffering. Any acts of violent to any living creature is terrible, therefore that's why many Buddhist countries are unwealthy. All those factors greatly affect their thinking and actions. Having no god as well as no religion also changed a person's view on others.

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Loving Kindness Meditation by Middleway Recovery


A polytheistic religion with over 900 million adherents, Hinduism still remains the third largest religion in the world. Founded in 1500 BC by the Aryans, it began to spread through trade, conquest, and colonization. They believe in Karma, Dharma, Moksha, Reincarnation, and the Caste System, which are the main things they live by. The Vedas, Bhagavad Gītā, and Upanishads are their holly books which tells their history and how to live in the religion of Hinduism. Hinduis practice many things such as worshipping their different Gods, meditation to relax and "reset" the mind, rituals, as well as one of their most important, reincarnation. A major "no no" to this religion is consuming a cow, making most of them vegetarians. Where violence to any living thing is terrible and against what the religion follows. Finally when death hits a Hindu, their final resting place is after the reincarnation, following when the body is burned and the soul is reborn into another things. All depends on how you behaved and thought in your life.....
Following Hinduism means being monotheistic which greatly impacts the Hindu in many different ways. It is said that worshiping the cow is part of their practices, making consuming beef a large missing piece of their diet. Karma is a massive and almost uncontrollable thing to do according to what it depends on; thinking and actions. Thinking negatively about certain things is part of the human life and it's how we live, however they must learn to obtain positivity and keep an open mind. The way a person lived depends on what they will be reborn into, making their lives completely different than how others would.

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Om Mahapraana Deepam Shivam by Hinduism United


Judaism first began in 1812 BC during the Bronze age in the Middle East. Founded by Abraham many say Moses is its founder. As Babylone began to spread, so did Judaism, with the Hebrews scattering they took their ideas along with them. The Torah and Old Testament are its main holly books also known as the Pentateuch. A common known belief by them is that there is only 1 God, which is monotheism. Also it said that they belief of everything taking place because of God. Judaism practice many rituals, 2 main ones are keeping the Sabbath as well as the Kashrut where they only eat kosher food. There are many codes they have to live by some which include that no pork or shot animals are allowed to be consumed. After a person dies, they are buried in their final resting place.
By being a Hebrew, you are basically believing in one god, making you polytheistic. This affects their lives by having to follow different rules and dressing differently. Such as males must wear a religious article on their heads. Although this religion does not impact them in some ways, they however do have to consume certain foods during certain times, or in some cases no type of a specific food.

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The Prophetic Mystery Part 3 by Iron Radio Show

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Confucianism first began in 479 BC, however Confucianism started during the Zhan Dynasty. Its founder Confucius or Kongzi, also known as Ru-jia was an important scholar, politician, and editor of the Chinese history. Confucianism spread rapidly du to Confucius's popularity and great ideas. His teachings were new and incredible to the people that it expanded to Japan, Vietnam, and Korea. They believe in many things such as order in society, and Filia Piety which is respect for elders. Its holy books include such as the Analects, Mencius, and the Great learning, all created by Chu Hsi. Their practices vary and involve temple worshiping and ancestor worship, however their most important one is respecting the elders and family. Honesty, truthness and family are three of their highest conducts they all live by. Later when death occurs, the final resting place is burial.
Known to be the most strict and harsh religion, Confucianism impacts people's' lives in some ways, such as relationship order. Their main concept of respecting the elders and the older affects them in a large way. Having the male be head and in charge of all events taking place, makes the female almost useless.

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Islam was founded by the prophet Muhamed, in the year 610. Started in Mecca, in modern day Saudia Arabia, it later spread to the rest of the Middle East. The religion its self is monotheistic, making its biggest belief to be that there is only one God, known Allah. Some other beliefs are that there are no "sons" of God, as well as that God scripted the holly books, which include such as the Quran. Muslims or Islam followers practice praying 5 times everyday from sunrise to sunset. They also practice fasting which takes place during the holly month of Ramadan. Truthfulness, honesty, forgiveness, and courage are all part of Islam's code of conduct. Their final resting place is either heaven or hell, which all depends on ones actions throughout their life.

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