Mexican Immigrants

A Long And Hard Journey

Mexican immigrants.

This flyer is about how Mexican immigrants came to America and all of there facts and there problems. You will learn a lot about the amazing country of Mexico. Like you will learn there population, there language, traditional clothes, foods, music, traditions, immigration facts, departure facts , and arrival facts.

The journey

Coming to America.

The reason they came to america is because they were forced off there land by the government . Most of the Mexican's came in the 1910-1930's. The families travelled by the men went first then the men would go back to get the rest of their family. Most people settled in California, Texas, North Carolina, Nebraska, Ohio, and Georgia.


Some of their porblems were the language ,people did not know how to speak english, and Americans did not like them.


Poncho, somberaro, rebozo, serape, Baja jacket, nuarache.


Tacos, enchiladas, and carnits. there is a lot more than those three


El diadelos muertos. [day of the dead]

Famous People

Lucia Mendez

Salma Hayek

Anthony Quin

Resipe for Carnitas

4 pounce pork shoulder

2 cans beef broth

3 tablespoon vegetable oil


cut pork into 2-3 inch cubes

in a large pot, heat the vegetable oil

once oil is hot, brown the pork cubes

once pork is browned pour beef broth

bring to boil

simmer for about 3-4 hours ,broth will evaporate

once broth is evaporated stir pork until the outside of pork is crispy

let cool for a few minutes , and enjoy, can be served with corn tortillas